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'So, tell me about yourself,' he asked.


By Mark 'Ponyboy' PetersPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
A New England sunrise

Man, I always dread it when people ask that. I mean, what exactly is it that they would want to know? And why do they want to know it?

I guess the answer to that will depend on a lot of things . . . like the setting, or the company being kept at the time.

And then, how much exactly does one share? Should we start at the very beginning and give every little detail, right down to shoe size? Or do we just throw out a few facts and figures, just enough to let folks get a general idea and form an image in their mind; then perhaps leak a few more tidbits if, and when, the interest level proves great enough?

I have to say, being the rather shy and reserved kind of person that I am, I think I much prefer the latter of those two options.

When I noticed that Vocal had introduced the ability to pin some posts at the top of the page I thought that this might be a good time to add something of a bio and perhaps a summary of my work thus far (if that is permitted). So now, for better or for worse, here is my story . . . or as much as you’re going to find out in one sitting . . . as one of my fictional characters says.

Some fun in the sun!

First things first . . . I'm Australian. I'm a country boy and I live on a small farm in rural Australia very near to the town (pop. 25,000) where I did most of my growing up. Home is shared with horses, dogs, chickens and a couple of wild cats that live in the barn, keep the mice down when they feel hungry enough, but never let you get near them.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved reading and even as a kid I liked writing . . . one time I even tried to get one of my school exercise books into my mother’s typewriter so I could write a book! Go figure!

During high school I did quite a bit of writing, though always under the pen-name of 'Anonymous'. I remember being quite chuffed when something I had written was accepted for the School Year Book (a couple of poems I think). This was all before the days of computers and my girlfriend of the time would type them up for me (practice for when she would become a secretary she said – but she later became a nurse! lol).

Of course I knew I was gay back then, but hey, there are images to uphold, you know! ESPECIALLY in small town rural Australia in the 1970’s and 80’s. I’m sure a lot of you have been there!

A place of memories ... and not all good.

After high school the need to earn a living became apparent and so I moved away for about three years to work in a department store. The only writing I seemed to do during that time was to my girlfriend, but like most long distance relationships that didn't last for long, so that writing eventually dried up as well.

In the mid-1990’s I changed jobs, into one where computers were an integral part, discovered the internet and thought, 'Wow!'

Then, somewhere around 1999 I stumbled across a fiction based website that was an erotic archives site, being both excited and at the same time occasionally appalled at what I read there, and so I decided to give writing another go with a view to trying to do better. With some encouragement from some friends I had met online, my first story, 'After We Danced', started being posted not long after that!

As most of my readers would know, most of my stories are set in rural places just like the town I grew up in, although I have been known to venture outside those boundaries on occasion, even so far as to the world of fantasy, filled with knights and dragons. My stories also tend to be more about the story than the sex. As a rule they don't contain too much graphic sex and are more about guys finding love, and hope, and understanding, and acceptance.

All of my stories can be found on my Ponyboysplace website.

Close to heaven.

Like most writers I began with ambitions of one day being published, one way or another. A few years ago I took the bold step of self-publishing a few of my complete stories using the service, which was an interesting exercise. Recently, in part to try and combat a few bouts of writers block, I have also begun to venture into other areas by producing some reviews, opinion pieces and other works, which is what inspired me to give Vocal a try. For now, however, my main desire is to try and expand my readership and provide readers with an interesting or enjoyable work that is informative or takes them on a ride to some place they haven't been before!

If you do read anything I post on here I can only hope that you enjoy them! I would love to hear from you.

A quiet day downtown.


About the Creator

Mark 'Ponyboy' Peters

Aussie, Queer & Country

LGBT themed fiction with an Aussie flavour, reviews, observations and real life LGBT histories.


E: [email protected]

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