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By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 months ago 4 min read
Rainbow Chaser - Nirvana

I always think that playlists are a little lazy, this is because of my age and I remember doing cassettes for friends and girlfriends to share the music that mattered and obviously these had to be put together in real time and could only really be shared with one person , or put on at a party. You could also do a tape for the car , so any passengers would be treated to your musical taste (or lack of).

However it is 2021 , 51 years on from the start of PRIDE with it’s iconic rainbow imagery and so many artists who contributed to bringing out music to add to it’s soundtrack either deliberately or accidentally.

On Facebook I think I have friends across the spectrum , but am always supportive , we are all human so we should respect and look out for each other.

I have a large record collection and these are the songs I would put on to share with all my friends , but with a slant to celebrate PRIDE so here goes with each song and why I included it:

Rainbow Chaser - by Nirvana

This is by the English Nirvana and I loved the fierce phasing in it , chosen simply for the title with the Rainbow image and it is a great song. I have placed it as the lead video

You Think You’re A Man - Divine

Divine was a brilliant and funny female impersonator , star of many Jon Waters films and responsible for some great disco records which were not your normal mainstream fodder.

Glad To Be Gay - Tom Robinson

A great song which in the late seventies even the homophobes would sing a long to and then realise what they were singing. Had great fun with friends playing this whenever we found it on a jukebox in some fairly rough pubs, but I was big enough to look after myself.

Restless Year - Ezra Furman

A wonderfully fun and upbeat song from the gender fluid and incredibly talented Ezra Furman.

Sweet Transvestite - Tim Curry

From the wonderfully camp Rocky Horror Picture Show by Richard O’Brien which still has people cross dressing with gay abandon ay every performance much to the annoyance of the prim and propper , which is a wonderful thing.

I Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me - Bronski Beat / Mark Almond

Again disco , electronica , gay and androgynous singers proving a beat to continue the PRIDE playlist, we may ad more from Jimmy Sommerville but him and Mark Almond provided a great dance soundtrack.

What Have I Done To Deserve This? - Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield

Two wonderful artists joined forces on this great record , and this would keep any party going, it should be in everyone’s collection.

Queen - I Want To Break Free

Mr Bulsarah had to be included on this playlist and I have to include it because of the video, and again an unforgettable song and a great reminder of a great artist sadly taken from us by AIDS.

Tutti Frutti - Little Richard

Mr Penniman was not averse to crossing the tracks so to speak with outrageous stage costumes and antics and lots of makeup to rock and roll the nights away.

Reach For Love - Marcel King

One of the greatest records ever , Sean Ryder's favourite Factory single , by Marcel King who was another tragically young loss and this should be played at high volume. I have two twelve inch singles of which both are played frequently.

Pynk - Janelle Monae

We have to fit in something from the unfeasibly talented Ms Monae from the best album of the last two years , but she has written lots of great songs.

Kiss - Prince

Something from the Purple one , another talent taken from us too soon, a lot of Janelle Monae’s work reminds me of Prince

Heroes - David Bowie

Just a perfect song to make us remember all who have stood for PRIDE from STONEWALL to now. Non White Non CIS people still have to push for equality and that is wrong.

We are all human , we all deserve respect , and we should always give respect and stand up and call out when we see our rights threatened.

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