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Pixar’s ‘Luca’ Is A Heart-Warming Tale to Teach Children During Pride Month to be Confident in Who You Are

There's a million things you think you can't do. All you need is a chance to try"

By Lewis JefferiesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

- This article contains spoilers for Disney Pixar’s Luca – Read at your own risk -

“We can go anywhere, do anything. We just gotta stick together!” as Luca so rightly put; with June being Pride Month, there’s no doubt that Disney deliberately planned to drop Luca on Disney+ during the middle of Pride. A topic like Pride is something that requires a fair amount of education to ensure everyone is accepted for who they are. Unfortunately, the message still isn’t getting across to people. Luca has just landed on Disney+ and teaches not just children, but adults too, that it’s important to understand everyone is not the same.

Luca and his family are known as “Sea Monsters” by the humans. However, when the Sea Monsters exit the water, they appear as humans. The second they get wet; their true appearance begins to reveal itself. As expected, the Sea Monsters are too afraid to go onto the surface in case their true identity is revealed. Luca’s new friend, Alberto (also a Sea Monster), takes Luca out of the water and soon become close friends. This is the start of a journey that starts putting the pin on the board that relates to the LGBTQ+ community.

Coming out to the world is something so frightening to people even though it shouldn’t be. Therefore, people end up hiding their true selves from the real world longer than they have to. They’re scared people won’t accept them as “normal”. Sticking beside one another becomes crucial to Luca when it comes to protecting the people you love the most.

'Luca' [Credit: Disney's Pixar & Disney+]

Alberto soon reveals his identity to the people of the surface, leading to him being isolated from everyone and excludes him from the race he was due to participate in. Giulia (Luca and Alberto’s new friend) isn’t sure on what to make on the situation and is still oblivious that Luca is also a Sea Monster. Luca, Alberto and Giulia were all due to be a team in the race, but with Alberto excluding himself, Luca decides to go solo before realising he can’t without his best pa; beside him. The heaven begins to open during the cycling part of the race and Luca’s true identity begins to reveal itself.

“Luca, think about it. Every day, we’ll ride someplace new, and every night, we’ll sleep under the fish. No one to tell us what to do. Just you and me out there. Free” – a quote that becomes absolutely vital. Alberto comes back to help Luca win the race, and with it raining, Alberto is in Sea Monster form. This is the moment Luca realises it’s okay to be who you are. As they’re declared winners, Gi’s father accepts that Sea Monsters are no different from humans and deserve equal treatment. Gi has become close friends with Luca and Alberto, resembling the reality that sticking by your LGBTQ+ family and friends is important as it makes them feel no different from being a straight person.

'Luca' [Credit: Disney's Pixar & Disney+]

Every story has a moral and sometimes it needs to be put in the simplest ways to ensure everyone can understand it. The creativity and animation for Luca are breathtaking, with some scenes that are incredible. Pixar is no stranger to having stories telling people that it’s okay to be yourself and Luca really hits the nail on the head.

There's a lesson for everyone in Luca. Don't be scared, accept others for who they are, be kind to one another.

If there’s one thing you take away from this masterpiece of a film, it’s this: live life to the full and be who you are. Your circle of friends is your army, no matter how big or small that army is. Be like Luca, Alberto, and Gi, accept each other, live like there’s no tomorrow, and explore the wonders of the world.

Luca is now streaming on Disney+ at no additional cost. Disney+ subscription required.


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