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Inquisitiveness To Know about History Of Houses


By umamanidrahPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Nowadays people are more inquisitive to learn about history of houses, buildings and infrastructure of a city or area where they live in, and most of them have spent half of their lives there. For not being a chronicler its baseless to give my opinion but being an urban person if I spend time in that particular area for a longer duration the thing which I need most is taking care of that house or an apartment in that building For Example : If house is made from woods then save it from termites and other external environmental factors like rain and use of Copper Azole woods rather than reconstruct that house which have its own historical value

If you are a traveler and love travelling than you must know about Rome the capital of Italy have the Colosseum that amphitheater built under Flavian emperors is the bigger landmark and many more structure in other countries like in Egypt the pyramids made up of heavy and big stones are the best examples but the most important aspect to note down that how they take care of that which have already completed centuries

My Ideology of observing historical object as an audience that I should not repeat the mistakes what our ancestors did in building homestead and made their selves easily indulge in that environment , But as we look closely into the matter that according to hypothesis, observation and experimentation we have reached to the conclusion that "Necessity is the mother of invention"

Finding a link, if any, between oneself and the structures might be the primary motivation for many people to become curious about the history of their homes while some individuals might be curious to know about the construction process or the materials used in their structures, as well as their historical background.


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Hello to all, My name is Umama Nidrah and by profession I'm a physiotherapist and I am seeking for Article writing , Blog writing that is related to health with some interesting initiatives which are also uptodate.

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