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A Day at the Beach Turns Girly Part 2

A plan comes together

By Derick SinclarPublished about a year ago 8 min read

A Day at the Beach Crosses Turns Girly Part 2 03/24/2023

Derick Sinclair

Simon spent the night with Chris and Danelle. The result of having his clothes, phone, and keys were stolen at a clothing-optional beach in San Diego. Chris and Danelle shared a section of the beach with Simon and became fast friends. They rescue him from his loss of clothes, keys, and phone and offer to have him spend the night. One catch – the way back to the car is by wearing a skirt and blouse. Simon is immediately taken by the thrill and comfort of the feel of women’s clothes.

Danelle loaned him a lightweight satin nightgown and he wears it to the kitchen where he hears what he thinks is Danelle on a phone call. He hears her say goodbye.

“Danelle, thank you for letting me stay the night. I feel like the weight of the world left when I met you and Chris,”

“Simon, or wait is it Simone today or Simon? I don’t want to call you by the wrong name,”

“I forgot about that. You know it is too early to tell. Do you have coffee?”

“Of course, it’s on the counter. Hot and fresh,”

The kitchen is a renovated masterpiece. Any chef would be at home. The coffee is being served from a French press. The cups are fine white China abundant in size but light in weight. The rest of the kitchen is lit by the sun pouring through the glass that opens onto a patio.

A couple of quick swigs of the morning brew and Simon is thinking clearly again. The skirt, the bra, the panties, and all the clothes that they bought at Walmart yesterday are coming back to memory. He loved the look of the clothes on him and is at the crossroads of what to do.

“Danelle, Chris said he has been wearing women’s clothes for a while. What do you think about that? Do you feel he is less of a man?”

“Oh heavens no. He has always been the sweetest person you would ever know. What he wears is one part of the whole package. He loves women. He loves me. He loves women’s clothes. It all works to perfection when you stop judging. Have you seen his legs? My goodness, what woman wouldn’t love to have those legs? And in a skirt yet. So, I have no issues with what he wears,”

“OK, call me Simone for today at least and I will see how this goes. I can’t wait to wear the new outfits. I still like the one you loaned me best but, I want to wear them all,”

“Simone it is. By the way, Simone, will you pass me the Danish basket? I would love something sweet,”

“Good morning, Chris. Say hello to Simone,” said Danelle as he walked into the kitchen.

“Oh, I see you made a choice. Well good for you. Now, what do you want to do with that? Further shopping, lunch by the beach, maybe a photo shoot on the beach,” said Chris with increasing excitement.

“All good ideas, and one by one, yes to all. What I want to do is get into my apartment and rescue my scooter before it’s towed or stolen too,”

“Good idea, have you heard from your landlord yet? Or the beach bum guy that works for him?”

“Not yet, I will call him after breakfast. I need a shower and would love to get rid of the beard that is starting to take away from the look,”

“You need to shave it all off. I can help you with that. I have an extra razor but let me run over you first with my electric shaver. It will save you some time and I can do your back,”

“That sounds daring. I have never done that. What will people think?”

“Who cares. Have you looked at men on the beach? Most of them are hair free. It used to be you would be looked at as an oddball. Now it’s close to the reverse of that old thinking,“ said Danelle.

“I’m in. Whenever you are ready,”

Chris and Simone went to the bathroom and Chris brought out his electric shaver, quickly getting rid of the hair on his back and then asking him to turn around. At first, Simone was shocked that he would even ask, but within moments he was lifting his legs and getting his first all-over shave. The middle bits were a bit more of a challenge, but Simone handled it like a champ.

“OK Simone, all done with my part. We have weed-whacked the forest and you are ready to do the fine detail and go for totally smooth. Go with the hair grain not against it, it will save you the ingrown hair annoyance,” said Chris as he handed Simone a towel and pointed toward the shower.

“I feel so…different…so girly. I feel spectacular,” he shouted at the top of his voice.

Thirty minutes later Simone emerged from the shower free of any hair from his neck down. He was still partially wet and came to the deck where Chris and Danelle were sunning.

“OK, I am ready for whatever you guys have in mind,”

“We were talking about this. How would you feel about heading into La Jolla and finding lunch somewhere? We could stroll around a bit and look in some of the stores. Both of you dressed in your girly best of course,” said Danelle.

“That sounds great. But I don’t have any money yet. I have tried my landlord and he isn’t returning my calls. The other way into my apartment is to break into the patio door,” he said with a near whine in his voice.

“Simone don’t worry about the money or getting into your apartment. We have talked about it, and we want you to move in with us,” said Danelle.

Yes, we think you would be the perfect person to have around to enjoy all our crazy antics. What do you think?” said Chris.

“Yes, oh my god yes,”

“To give you the security you need to feel OK about this, here is a thousand dollars. Once you get into your apartment, we can get your things and get you over here right away. Don’t worry about your scooter, I will have a tow truck pick it up this morning they can cut the cable lock and bring it over here if that works for you?”

“That works. What about my job? You said don’t worry about the money. I don’t have any and need to work,”

“I said don’t worry about the money because we are comfortable financially and want to share our life with you. We can work out the money in due time. For now, let’s get dressed and go to lunch,” said Chris as he stood up and moved toward their bedroom.

“Simone, I will do your makeup, same for you Chris. So, hop to it, I am starving for an outing and lunch at my favorite beach restaurant,” said Danelle.

The trio went to La Jolla and shopped for a while then they stumbled on a new restaurant opening today. The new owner was opening the doors for the first time and invited them in.

“Hello, my name is Jeremy Stone, I own this restaurant. Could I buy you three lovely ladies lunch today?”

“Of course, what is the chef going to make for us? What do you think that you do best?”

“To be honest, the chef is for the tourists. I am the chef for you today. I would like to make you my favorite Beef Stroganoff. It is a classic and I do it well. Yes, it is full of butter, sour cream, and calories but you only live once, so why not enjoy the journey? What do you think?”

“I’m sold, by the way, I’m Chris,”

“Me too, and I’m Danelle,”

“Yep, we are all in. I’m Simone.”

“Ladies if you will follow me, I have the best table in the house reserved for you. We will take the elevator up three floors, and I have your table on the rooftop overlooking the ocean. It is quite the view, and I am proud to welcome you as the first diners to my restaurant,”

The group loads into the elevator and takes the quick lift to the rooftop. Once the door opens, the view of the ocean is unobstructed. There is a sailboat race going on offshore and you can see for miles today. The table is on an elevated platform with a wine refrigerator. Jeremy pulls a bottle of wine from the cooler and presents it to the trio.

“Something to start the meal with. It is a light white wine and will serve to get you into the spirit of the experience. I will have the server bring you some bread and water shortly. Is there anything else I can do for you now?”

“All good here,” said Chris.

“Ladies, if there is something that you need. There is a phone under the center of the table feel free to call zero and I will immediately take care of any need you have,”

Jeremy turned and left via the elevator.

“Wow, this view is something special,” said Simone.

“I know, I had heard of a new place going in, but was all hush-hush, and I couldn’t find out who was involved. We wanted in on the ground floor of a new restaurant and if we can work out something this would be ideal,” said Chris as he was counting the piles of money he could make.

“Honey let’s have lunch first. Can we? You always want to spoil the magic with business. Today let’s eat, drink, and be merry then go for the deal,”

“You’re right, sorry,”

The food was even better than they thought possible. The wine, the food, everything was perfect. Jeremy came up after the meal and sat with the trio.

“So, what do you think?”

“I think I would like to buy this place or at least invest in it,” said Chris.

“It’s not for sale, but I do have an idea for you. What if we were to have this deck reserved for women like the two of you? I could use some help here and I think you would be the people to make it work,” he said as he looked at Simone and Chris.

The details were hashed out over another bottle of wine and the only crossdresser specialty restaurant was to be started with the three original diners and Jeremy. A dress code was strictly observed and only men who loved women so much that they wear dresses are allowed.

The polyamorous life that started as a day at the beach ultimately turned out more girly than anyone expected. Thank you for tuning in. Cheers.


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