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Where Are the Real Standings for Marijuana Opinions?

What's going to happen with this plant as we submerge further into the land of legalization?

By Joel DavidPublished 6 years ago 4 min read
'Sacred Plant'

INTRO: As many already know marijuana has officially been legalized in 9 different states. To begin this article of my opinion, I'd like to state that I personally don't believe marijuana should be legalized, anywhere for that manner. Now, before you get all pissed and decide to click off, this wasn't some random clickbait (trust me), I have specific views that are completely out of the ordinary and societal norm when it comes to this conversation. Of all the research I've ever done on weed, and all the marijuana I've smoked for the past several years I have yet to understand that at least one person agrees with my views, in fact nobody even truly knows my views on marijuana and what I think should happen with this miracle plant.

MY VIEWS: To get it out of the way and keep your interest fueled, I'd like to first say that clearly, I am not in any way against marijuana. I believe personally it has much more medicinal value than all the narcotics being prescribed today, and not to mention is currently carried around with the stigma that it is a narcotic. Now, understanding that it does not belong in that category is the first step towards understanding my views. But to make it clear I'm not going to say it should go and be legalized because simply put; it shouldn't. I don't think alcohol or any substance that alters the mind should be just readily available for all of the population to consume. I think the way we, as a society, go about medicating and recreationally using these substances, which hurt us all in some form or way no matter what, is the wrong way.

I understand that many believe marijuana is harmless because you can't physically go into withdrawals (such as with the opioid crisis) or overdose and instantly kill over. But besides that, it is a mind altering substance nonetheless: just like cigarettes, alcohol, etc. It affects our mind on different levels. Getting that out of the way should make you understand that from a universal perspective and not a societal-norm perspective, there are chemicals that will be ingested by humans and simply put, they will hurt the person, whether it be on a level where there is minor damage done psychologically/physically, yet there are ample benefits socially and mentally, or the person just plain cannot control themselves and ruin their life, in both scenarios there is still at least one percent of your overall health taking damage.

That's just plain factual information, why it should not be legalized pertains to how society reacts to these substances being released legally and illegally. Marijuana and alcohol are already two substances that are very conceptualized among society and used for reasons that might not always be applicable to why they actually should be used, whether or not either of them are equal in damage done or not, it's just more factual information. You can easily compare the outlawing of alcohol and marijuana by researching the two, and come to the conclusion that whether or not they're legal, they will still be always dispersed along society for people to consume with all kinds of separate qualities defining the subsets of each drug.

All in all what this means is that legalizing it wont make any difference besides regulating the drug, making it more available and causing more trouble for society. The simple key to saving marijuana's true value is

  • More factual research done to entice medicinal use.
  • Decriminalize in each and every state so those said states can control the trade of the drug how they would like.
  • Stop industrialization of the plant's medicinal values, and genetically-altered uses, keeping it at a moderately-high value for states but not letting it disperse and decrease in value like alcohol.

I guess what i am saying here is that legalizing marijuana won't stop our problems in society, but only make them worse. The contrasting difference between THC and alcohol are to heavy to be comparable in a legal manner. I don't think alcohol should be legal to consume whatsoever and should remain with such substances like cocaine, heroine, etc. As it causes more deaths and problems per human than most other substances (more factual info). There's a reoccurring thought in my mind that if marijuana was available medicinally, in each state and also decriminalized to make it sort of like the corporation of cigarettes where it's a common thing, that this would not be good as well. But my thoughts continue to prove otherwise as more and more evidence is pointed out towards the true value of marijuana and why it should be kept sacred and very closely paid attention to.

CONCLUSION: Marijuana isn't a joke just like any other substance and should be very heavily kept an eye on by those who govern it, and not only that but should never be devalued by overproducing the drug as that would create an alternate reality where everything we know as a society and how teenagers react to these substances, would be changed in terms of our information on these sets of our culture in society. It's slowly changing how the country of America works and I in no way want marijuana to be fully illegal and illicit, my true opinion is said above, it needs to be kept in a manner where its specifically paid attention to and not just that but not over-glorified.


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