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What Is Delta 8 THC and Why Has It Suddenly Become Popular?

by Isla Wright a day ago in science

Here is a deeper dive into delta 8 THC and its sudden popularity.

In recent months, a new compound called delta 8 THC has made big news in cannabis communities online. Some have proclaimed it to be a “lighter” and even “superior” form of THC, while others are more concerned about its legality, claiming it’s entirely legal on a federal level due to certain loopholes. Whether you’re interested in the controversy surrounding this new cannabinoid, or you simply want to learn more about its nature and effects, here’s a deeper dive into delta 8 THC and its sudden popularity.

What exactly is delta 8?

A cannabis compound that is found in a majority of cannabis strains, delta 8 has likely become popular due to its similarity to delta 9 THC. Delta 9 is the common compound that produces a high and leads to euphoria and symptom relief, and is what people are usually referring to when talking about THC.

Although these two cannabinoids are quite similar, their slight differences lie in their chemical structure. As a result, delta 8 is less potent than delta 9, causing similar feelings of happiness and sedation, but at a significantly lower level.

Why is delta 8 so popular?

Although the mere buzz in online communities might explain the sudden interest, the growing popularity behind delta 8 THC could depend on a number of different factors. This form of THC is touted for its incredible benefits in terms of pain relief, aiding in obesity and diabetes treatment, alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as potentially helping to fight cancer.

As delta 8 offers a very pleasant, mellow high, in combination with some wonderful health benefits, it’s used by a wide array of individuals, from those suffering from certain health conditions to people looking for an uplifting experience, thus contributing to its widespread popularity.

Will delta 8 produce a high?

While the high won’t be quite as powerful as with the common delta 9 THC, delta 8 will surely produce a high, but in a milder and smoother manner. This can be a great option for those who often experience negative side effects such as paranoia and anxiety when consuming THC.

But due to its health benefits and mellow nature, there are a number of other reasons why people might choose delta 8 THC products over their stronger counterparts. Whether individuals are looking for new forms of symptom relief other than traditional CBD products or are simply at the beginning of their cannabis journey, the calm, mild, and pleasant characteristics of delta 8 are the ideal solution.

The effects of delta 8

From the effects of vaping to smoking and edibles, consumers of delta 8 report similar effects to delta 9 THC such as pleasant and uplifting feelings, symptom relief, and help with pain and insomnia, even though this compound is significantly less potent.

However, the side effects might be quite similar to traditional THC as well, including red eyes, dry mouth, short-term memory, increased hunger, anxiety, and paranoia. It’s worth noting that delta 8 hasn’t been extensively studied yet, and more research is required to determine its effects on the body and mind.

The legality of delta 8

In the US, hemp containing less than 0.3 percent of delta 9 THC was recently legalized, thus creating a loophole for products containing higher levels of delta 8 THC, as long as they come from the described hemp plants. However, delta 8 doesn’t naturally occur in larger quantities in hemp, meaning it’s commonly derived synthetically, which is mostly illegal, apart from delta 8 products being strictly prohibited in some states as well.

Before purchasing any THC products, it’s recommended to check your local state laws regarding cannabis to ensure legal compliance.

If you live in a state where delta 8 THC is legally available, you should always purchase it through licensed stores. As this cannabinoid is still relatively new on the market, checking for information on sourcing and the creation of products is crucial when shopping for delta 8.


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