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There is high-quality cannabis coming out of cottage country!

What you need to know about Muskoka Grown.

By Josh Socket Writes Published 3 years ago 5 min read
source: Muskoka Grown

Do you remember when I talked about Truro?

The licensed producer from Nova Scotia making their products in “tuna cans”? You remember. I found another licensed producer doing the same thing with their packaging. Much like Truro, Muskoka Grown packages their cannabis in jars that look like this:

source: PuffTheMagic.ca

What I call the “tuna can”, The OCS calls nitrogen packaging. Nitrogen is totally safe for us and helps to keep our cannabis safe and preserved. Many food products (including your favorite bag of chips) are sealed airtight with 99% nitrogen to ensure its freshness when it gets to you.

For the best possible quality and experience, cannabis has to be stored in a dark space free of UV light, moisture, or air-flow. Cannabis only has a limited time it stays fresh once it’s been readied for public (19+) consumption. That time can be prolonged (perhaps indefinitely) by ensuring proper storage. Of course, this has to start with our packaging.

Packaging, a pain point in cannabis since legalization.

Part of delivering quality cannabis is how the product is packaged. For a long time, cannabis packaging has been a pain point for consumers.

The pain points around packaging are generally:

1. The ease of opening the packaging.

2. The lack of protection (UV/moisture) for the plant inside.

3. The material used for the packaging isn’t recyclable.

With the “tuna can”, the nitrous seals the cannabis inside the jar and then the additional lid is attached. The jar is made from aluminum. Aluminum can be recycled, to make new cannabis jars or other products that need aluminum. They’ll end up in a scrap yard, mixed in with pop and beer cans. The piles will get crushed down and compressed into six-foot cubes and sold to be melted down and made into new products.

When you’re done with the “tuna can”, you can throw it in your blue bin or you can also keep it. Save it for when you get one of those hard to open bags. Pour your bud into one of those jars instead for easy access. I can tell you I’ve broken a few of those bags.

The sealed metal packaging prevents air, light and moisture from getting into your bud. This extra touch makes sure you get the freshest product possible. Whenever you’re ready to open it, it’ll be there waiting for you.

The packaging is also compliant with government regulations. Packaging regulations have been influential in the issues with cannabis packing. To prevent kids from getting into the packaging, it has to be made harder to open. Unfortunately, it’ s hard to open for some adults as well. Some companies are struggling to find a balance between ease of opening and government compliance. It’s a catch-22.

source: The Trailer Park Boys

What is Muskoka Grown working to protect?

Muskoka Grown operates in a smaller (compared to some producers), 65 thousand square foot facility in Bracebridge. On their website, it says that being in cottage country keeps them free of distractions. Life’s slower in cottage country. Without anything to get in the way, they have all the time in the world to pay attention to their plants.

Muskoka Grown also boasts 1,500 data points. Which means, 1,500 individual points in the plants life that they mark from the time the clones are cut to the time they harvest, dry and cure the weed. This level of in-person care guarantees the plant is produced at the highest quality.

Muskoka Grown even defines quality for their product. Many companies will simply call their product “high-quality” without any sort of explanation of what “high-quality” means to them. For them, high-quality comes from:

• The Smell

• The Taste

• The Terpene profile

Muskoka Grown tends, trims and prepares their product by hand to give the plants the utmost care. All of this is done in the “spirit of attention to detail”.

All of their products are also small-batch, meaning they grow their individual cultivars separate from each other. They grow their cultivars with customized climate, light schedules and food based on the needs of the cultivar.

Muskoka Grown also takes advantage of Bracebridge’s water power. Its natural, reliable and reusable. They are also working on developing 100% recirculating irrigated water. Meaning, the water they give the plants is clean and recycled.

1 strain you should try from Muskoka Grown.

source: Muskoka Grown

Glueberry OG.

How do you feel about hybrids? I know there are some people who only smoke either Indicas or Sativas. I like them all. I liked this one in particular.

Glueberry OG is Muskoka Grown’s only strong strain (for now), which is a downside for the brand but probably not permanent. If you buy the 3.5 gram package, it has a THC range of 18-24%. If you buy the two pre-rolls, you get 15-22% THC. It’s not a big difference, but it’s not a good sign that there’s variance between the two. You would think they come from the same plant. Aside from that, Glueberry OG is sweet and spicy. There are sedative effects, it’s a heavy-hitter. There’s also a nice head high, something more comparable to a nice sativa high.

I liked the Glueberry OG. It was a nice, light smoke. The buds came in a few smaller nugs and there was a boveda pack in the jar. Boveda packs control the humidity and air inside the jars. When you open a bag or jar of bud and find a boveda pack, take note. When a company goes above and beyond with multiple methods of keeping their cannabis fresh, pay attention. That’s a company that takes pride in their product and wants their end-users to get the best experience possible.

Glueberry OG smells (and tastes) sweet and spicy. Glueberry OG is rich with caryophyllene, myrcene and pinene.

Muskoka Grown is passionate about history. The history of Muskoka as well as the history of their cultivars. Which is why the publish the genetics of their strains.

source: Muskoka Grown

Source: Muskoka Grown

You can buy Glueberry OG in two formats:

Pre-rolls: 2 half-gram joints are $11.95

Flower: 3.5 grams is $44.95

source: Muskoka Grown

Try Muskoka Grown’s Glueberry OG, you won’t be disappointed.

Muskoka Grown is a producer of high-quality cannabis. They put great effort into making sure their product makes a good impression. A good impression for them means:

• Smell

• Taste

• Terpenes

And they deliver. Any company that’s putting this amount of detail into their product believes in their product. They believe that if we try it, we’ll like it and keep buying it. They are a smaller craft cannabis company who deserves acknowledgement.

I’m going to be keeping my eye on Muskoka Grown. I appreciate the amount of detail they put into their product; I also believe in supporting craft brands. I’m curious to see where they go next.

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