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by Nia on Air 11 months ago in culture

Plus Plant Medicine

It amazes me how taboo smoking marijuana is when it comes to being a mother. We accept that moms drink wine or let loose with harder liquor yet, smoking weed is not mother material. Excuse me, I did not know passing out drunk and having your children watch you fall, and stubble drunk is way more acceptable behavior. I don't judge; we pick different paths. I want to point out that both have an equal stigma that you can attach to it.

I suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and the list goes on and on. Before I can tell you that weed was not at all what I even though was an option. I decided to see a therapist and discuss the things that go on in my head. Maybe learn some tools that I can use when I feel these panics or mood swings develop. That didn't help at all, and most times, I would forget the tools given to me because I was too focused on overthinking my panic attack or stress.

However, in western culture, medicine is a pill to mask the pain, not solve it. "You could say the same about weed, right?" Wrong! The more drugs they prescribe you, the more money big pharma makes because it is an endless cycle. You become dependant on it because the side effects of not having it are worse than just being addicted to the pills. The more a specific drug counters another, the more drugs they give to replace those side effects. They are making it extremely easy to get addicted. Now, the minor/small problem is now more prominent. (I can't speak for anyone, just myself) at best, my issues grew into a more severe crisis that could have landed me to require a hospital stay.

So, I tried something natural...weed. I am not huge on smoke, so the first time I tried it for mental health reasons was edible. I remember telling a friend, "girl, I don't feel anything." I only took a half a gummy but thought with my lower tolerance level that would be enough to knock off my overthinking, anxiety, annoying ass. I did the unthinkable and decided to take a whole one. Can I say that was the best I felt in years. The calm, the relaxation in my mind, and the wind felt different; my thoughts weren't over, though by nonsense. Things that usually annoy me or make me upset were laughable.

Kava Root

I am not saying that you should do this or encouraging you to do 'drugs'. I am merely sharing my experience and thoughts of how weed helps me relax and function with the pain that I experience due to lupus or the frequent migraines that I receive. It is more of a medicine than "the cool thing" to do for me. I won't lie, though; it helps the stress feel a lot less intense. I am calmer and less moody. Not all plant medicine needs to be marijuana. There are other herbs that you can take to help calm your anxiety, as well. Another one that helps me is lavender. Making a lovely lavender tea helps my anxiousness. Additionally, I suggest that all people looking for a natural relaxer is a root called kava. A seed can be ground and turned into a tea, and it can calm and relax the body just the same as weed or, some say, even Ativan.

My suggestion is not to try weed, so please don't take that from this article—an article more of a rant between being a stoner and my reasons and how it helps me. Also, to educate that there is more to plant medicine than marijuana. Plant medicine is god's gift to mother earth, and you should learn more about it and treat her with respect. I am sending love and light to all.


Nia on Air

Mental Health Survivor, Poetry Lover, Thought Speaker, Truth-Teller.

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Nia on Air
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