Songs to Listen to When You're Stoned

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Whether they mellow you out or get your pulse racing, the best songs to listen to when you're stoned meet a variety of stoner scenarios.

Songs to Listen to When You're Stoned

If you have ever done drugs, you already know that they can be heavily enhanced by the right music. Some substances seem to pair better with certain kinds of music than others. For example, ecstasy works wonders with electronica, while beer tends to work well with metal.

But then, there's marijuana. Cannabis has this amazing ability to jive well with just about any kind of music. Perhaps that's why you see stoners in almost every subculture.

Even though marijuana is a drug that can be enjoyed with almost every kind of music, some songs are just light years better than others. If you're new to jamming while stoned, check out my list of the best songs to listen to when you're stoned.

Cream is one of the best bands of the 60s, and they were infamous for bringing a psychedelic, stoner-friendly sound to just about every song they ever made. Their biggest hit, "Sunshine of Your Love," is so famously groovy, it's even used to indicate when people have taken a hit of acid in movies and television shows.

Without a doubt, "Sunshine of Your Love" is one of the all-time greatest songs to listen to when you're stoned, drunk, or high. It's positive, happy, also just has that perfectly mellow vibe that makes cannabis of every strain feel incredible — even if it's ruderalis.

Jimi Hendrix was a huge fan of smoking cannabis and openly advocated for its legalization. He also was a person who really enjoyed a psychedelic trip. It's little wonder, then, why so much of his music sounds incredible when you smoke a bowl while listening to it.

Since this is a list that can't be filled with Hendrix's work, we're going to have to narrow it down a bit. "Purple Haze" is a song that's about one of the best marijuana strains ever, so it just seems like it's a perfect fit for a list of songs to listen to when you're stoned.

Besides, mishearing the "kiss the sky" lyric in this song can be pretty funny when you're stoned off your butt.

Ween has always been a big time stoner band with a hilarious sense of humor. That's why they are often great to listen to in general. But this song, in my opinion, is one of the absolute greatest songs to listen to when you're stoned or high on acid.

The reason why this is, is because a large portion of the song is just silence. For people who get audio hallucinations, this is an amazing song that allows you to test how high you get.

Just, you know, don't watch the video for this after you've taken a strip.

The 60s really was a good time to be alive if you were a stoner who loved good music. Strawberry Alarm Clock is an excellent psychedelic rock band from this era, and it's not surprising that they end up on many lists involving songs to listen to when you're stoned.

"Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow" is the kind of song that you listen to when you want to smoke a joint of your favorite marijuana strain, sip on a cup of hazelnut coffee, and maybe just talk about existentialism for a while. It's relaxing, happy, and just incredibly fun to listen to.

Let's get a little bit of R&B in here! Miguel's "Do You" is mellow, airy, and just ever so slightly romantic. It's the kind of hip - hop jam that makes you want to smoke a joint on the beach with your lover, or just enjoy a spliff while you're in your backyard with your friends.

Clean beats, echo-y vocals, and a perfectly easy to jam to rhythm is what makes this one of the best songs to listen to when you're anxious from a bad blunt — or just looking for a great song to blaze to.

The Avalanches are a turntablist group that really know how to throw down excellent music and they've made quite a few amazing songs to listen to when you're stoned. "Frankie Sinatra," "Colours," and "Since I Left You" all are great choices.

However, for this list, "Subways" definitely wins it for a number of different reasons. First off, it's got that perfectly groovy vibe of a 60s R&B-rock hybrid. Then, there's the actual lyrics, which tend to distort beautifully with the right toke — or even the right drink.

But what really pushes this over the edge is the music video that the group made for this single. It's trippy in that perfectly 70s way, and works beautifully for getting spaced out without too much insanity.

If you're like me, then most of your favorite songs to listen to while you're stoned involve electronic beats.

This is especially true of super-uplifting and happy-sounding genres like happy hardcore, hardstyle, and nightcore. Those genres are full of songs to listen to when you're upset, primarily because they bludgeon happiness into you.

Nothing is quite as amazing as getting giddy on sativa while listening to hardstyle — and who better to deliver those beats than the Chicks Terminator himself? That's right, Scooter!

This song has everything you need for a euphoria-inducing high: rainbows, references to The Neverending Story, and helium-pitched vocals with killer fast beats. Need we say any more?

Rap has always had a strong tie to cannabis culture, and this music video has two of the biggest names in rap history talking about it all in a slick song that still is quoted today.

If you love to feel like an OG while you smoke up OG Kush, then listening to "The Next Episode" is a great life decision. Seriously, though, did anyone think that this wouldn't end up on a list involving the best songs to listen to when you're stoned? It's basically mandatory listening in stoner culture, isn't it?

Yet another awesomely gangster rap song on this list would have to be "California Love." Something about the way the autotuned voices work with this song just seems to make smoking a joint mandatory. 2pac's musical genius still works after all these years — and that says volumes about this song's staying power.

If you're a fan of smoking a bowl while jamming out to something more high energy, then "California Love" is one of the best songs to listen to when you're stoned.

Butthole Surfers was one of those woefully underappreciated stoner rock groups of the 90s that made several awesome gems that still work well. "The Shame of Life" is the kind of song that you listen to when you want to revel in the fact that you're getting into the grimy underside of life.

There's something about the smooth vocals, the seductive guitar riffs, and the classic rock drums that make this song one of the best songs to listen to when you're stoned. It's got a vice-filled vibe, and somehow that makes listening to it all the better when you're baked.

As a result, it'd be a crime not to include it in a list of the best songs to listen to when you're stoned.

Are you looking for a song that makes you think deeply, but also gives you the opportunity to space out? If you're tired of listening to stoner rock or straight electronica, Chinese Man's "Shikantaza" is one of the better new songs to listen to when you're stoned.

It's got a lot of heavy influence from traditional Asian music, a very "lo-fi" beat, and an impressively dramatic vibe in the beginning. Trance-inducing yet dramatic enough to snap your focus to attention, it's a track that will definitely be a hit with folks who want to get a bit unusual when they smoke.

That being said, the music video is definitely stoner-approved as well.

Skunk Uzeki
Skunk Uzeki
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