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Ten to one, we have to live hard

By 刘贇Published 10 months ago 5 min read

Sales inspirational stories and inspirational sentiment, life unhappy things nine times out of ten, find the key to the problem, adjust their thinking, you will find more ways to deal with.

Sales inspirational story one:

Coming from a small city, Chen started his sales career at the age of 25 when he joined a well-known insurance company in China and began selling insurance. At that time, he was so poor that he could not even afford to eat. But the words of an old man changed his perspective changed his mind. One day, he sold insurance to an old man, Xiao Chen blunt introduction and explain the insurance he sold, the old man listened calmly said: "After listening to your introduction, the slightest hook my insurance mind."

The old man observed Chen for a long time, then said: "Between people, like this sitting together, to have a charm can be enough to attract each other's charm, if you can't do this, then there is no future at all. Their own charm is the first and most important step for customers to listen to you." No one's gonna listen to you.

The old man patted Chen on the shoulder and said, "Young man, try to change yourself before you sell your products!"

Inspirational sentiment:

Service industry and sales industry is to deal with people, is you take the initiative to look for the cause of customers, if your buyers even you this person can not trust, can not accept you, he is not likely to become your customers, so in the sales industry there is a famous saying: "salesman or salesman before selling their products, the first is to sell yourself!" Let the customer know you first, recognize you, only recognize you, selling products will get twice the result with half the effort.

Sales inspirational story two:

There was a candidate in the south who failed the exam three times but went to Beijing for the fourth time and stayed in an inn run by an old couple. Two days before the exam, he had three dreams. The first dream was on a rainy day when he wore a bamboo hat and held an oil-paper umbrella. The second dream was that he was planting vegetables on the wall.

Exam can not understand the meaning of these three dreams, so on the second day to find the roadside god operator fortune-telling dream interpretation. Hearing this, the fortune-teller clapped his thigh and said, "I think you'd better go home. Isn't it unnecessary to wear a bamboo hat and an umbrella? Isn't it a waste to plant vegetables on the wall? Is it impossible to lie in bed with the girl you love and not say anything back to back?"

Examinee listened, the heart cool, disheartened back to the store to pack up ready to return home. The old lady who owned the shop was very surprised when she saw this and asked, "Don't you have to take the exam tomorrow? Why are you packing up and going home today?"

He told the landlord what the fortune-teller had told him. The landlord said, "Well, I can interpret dreams, too. I'll explain the dream to you while you make your plans, but I think you should stay this time. Don't you think wearing a hat and an umbrella means you're prepared this time? Doesn't planting vegetables on the wall mean high seed? Does not lying on your back with the girl you love mean that the time is coming for you to turn over?"

Examinees hear words, think the owner said more reasonable, so stop the action, the spirit to take part in the exam, the results of the list nominated, the second in high school.

Inspirational sentiment:

The fortune-teller's mind is a negative mind, so he gives a negative statement, and the shopkeeper's mind is a positive mind, so he gives a positive statement. The scholar is also worthy of the scholar can timely understand, he chose a positive thinking, so nominated on the list,

In this world, positive people, they are just like the sun, where goes to light up the road, so there is always a light to illuminate the direction of their progress. And negative people, they are like the moon, the first day and 15 are always different, whenever the point of darkness or frustration, they can not see the bright direction. To have a good way out of life, the most important thing is to improve the quality of self, cultivate a positive heart, as long as have a positive attitude, also have a positive thinking, naturally there is a bright way out.

There have been people in the orientation of life, mentality, thinking mode, career development, interpersonal relations, love and marriage, ability training, life, work, living habits and other aspects of the important problems are analyzed, and put forward for a strong "breakthrough" - seeking development and success of the correct idea. This guides everyone, especially young friends, to break through their own way of thinking in the real society, overcome psychological and ideological obstacles, establish a good way of thinking and thinking to solve problems, seize opportunities, flexibly use their own advantages, tactfully deal with difficulties and important problems, so as to start our successful life bright road, write our own brilliant.

In fact, in life and work, no idea is not good, in the enterprise company to organize management, no idea is not good, enterprise to operate, no idea is not good... So in the predicament and adversity, there is a way out; In prosperity and smooth road, have ideas to have greater development. People in the career, work, interpersonal relationship, love, friendship, life and other aspects will encounter a lot of problems and problems, they affect our fate, decide our success or failure. So how do we solve these problems, we need the right dimension. Clear thinking in our life orientation, mentality, love and marriage, life and work, ability training, thinking mode, career development, interpersonal relations, living habits and other aspects of the important problems are analyzed, dissected and put forward the correct thinking and thinking to solve these problems, better help more young people and people struggling in the society break through the thinking pattern, Improve my ability to solve and deal with problems, overcome difficulties, make myself invincible, so as to achieve a valuable career and a beautiful life!


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