Read this person's experience with CBD

It changed many aspects of his life

Read this person's experience with CBD
Tom took our CBD for a month straight

We recently got an awesome review from one of our first time buyers. Tom bought a range of our products to start with including Original Hemp Oil, CBD Capsules and Turmeric infused CBD. Here are his experiences, read and find out how our CBD may also work for you.

Written by Tom Robinson

My own personal experience with CBD has been amazing. The benefits I have been getting from it are subtle yet very effective.

All round CBD has been amazing with customer service providing me with a free hemp oil bottle with my first order, I knew from there they were confident in my product. My first experience I was using the cbd capsules, which I took with my breakfast also a glass of water to wash it down & within the first day of taking it, I noticed one thing, it was as if the noise volume was turned down on my head space, it was amazing to think cbd oil could do this. Along side of this I was taking a few drops of the hemp oil under the tongue which I let sit for a few minutes before swallowing, this was after I had been training, another effect that I was impressed with & that was the recovery of my muscles was much quicker than usual without having the cbd oil. Absolutely fascinating to think this natural hemp oil is out there & can have these effects. After my month I ran out of supply but decided to miss a month to see if the effects were really that effective, surely enough they were. The volume was being turned up in my head again & to top it off after a couple training sessions my body would ache for longer again.

It was final the cbd capsules & cbd oil were like a treat to my body, this being said I ordered the capsules again as they are easy on the go use but, I decided to try the turmeric infused cbd oil of which they are the first company to do this! Turmeric has many benefits for your health that are great. One being is it helps with muscle recovery & I noticed this because after a week my previous injuries were supported, although it took another week to realise this but I’m sure this was in effect of the hemp oil. Overall cbd has been an amazing support base for my mental & physical health, who knows the longer I take it the more benefits I may notice. For me I really like the cbd oil drops as you can control what strength you have as well as being an immediate effect personally.

After my first experience I went on All Round CBD’s site and read on what they say about Hemp Oil. The difference with them is that they actually take the time to write out all the common CBD misconceptions and exciting facts. This way you feel engaged as a customer, and have a wealth of information there to access if you get confused as to how to take cbd, or its effects.

Personally I was curious as to how specifically CBD worked with Turmeric and I read their explanation on this. It turns out that Turmeric and CBD can work together via the synergistic effect. This is where Turmeric, its active ingredient called Curcumin and CBD all intimately work together to support your joints, muscles and cartilage. Therefore Turmeric infused CBD is a great aid for your body.

A big thank you to All Round CBD and their great team in aiding my first venture into Hemp Oil supplementation.

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