Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean
Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean

Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly Recipe

Recreate your favorite childhood snack in this exclusive Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean recipe.

Peanut butter and jelly may be one of the easiest––and most satisfying––sandwiches to make. Famously found in everyone’s lunch box at least once in life, the PB&J sandwich is a sacred unity which binds the love of peanut butter to that of jelly through the enveloping hug of two pieces of bread. Matched perfectly with a glass of your favorite milk, the PB&J sandwich seemed to be the epitome of the perfect meal… until our favorite friend “Bud” came around.

Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly elevates the already beloved sandwich from a food to an experience. Through a unique conversion in peanut oil, our good friend Bud finds himself incredibly active—perhaps active enough to make you even hungrier after you’re finished devouring the sandwich! The ultimate comfort food, Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly can cure any ache, pain, or ailment that plagues your everyday life. Sit back, relax, pick up your two favorite ingredients, and watch as I teach you how to make one of the easiest meals alive. Don’t forget a glass of milk!

In order to add our friend "Bud" into your favorite sandwich, you must first convert your cannabis. Unlike smoking and vaporizing, which automatically decarboxylates the cannabis (knocking the carbon atom off of the THCA to become an active THC molecule), simply eating an entire bag of cannabis plant does nothing for your body. You may as well be eating a tree! Or a leaf. Or a blade of grass.

What are the two factors that allow your cannabis to decarboxylate? Time and heat. Typically, and for many of our Baked: Cooking with Mary Jean recipes, decarboxylation takes place in the oven. But for the Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly recipe, decarboxylation takes place on the stove.

In pot edible recipes, cannabis can be converted through three mediums: the oven, alcohol, and fat. By converting cannabis in fat, your options are wide open in terms of how many unique recipes you can create. Fat is everywhere––in butter, in oils, and in meats.

For this recipe I recommend using Pink Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid which promotes powerful body-focused effects. With traces of sweet vanilla, the Pink Kush is an ideal compliment to the tart jelly and the creamy qualities of the peanut butter. In small doses, the Pink Kush eliminates insomnia, pain, and appetite loss. It looks like you may need to make a few sandwiches with the Pink Kush to cure your hunger! This top-shelf bud is the perfect addition to the Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly recipe.

Before you convert cannabis in fat, you need to make sure that you are using clean cannabis. Not all cannabis is created equal. The best cannabis for cooking is clean cannabis. Two of my favorite places are White Palm and Phant Extracts. Know your source!

When you cook cannabis in fat, you don't need to knock the THCA off ahead of time; everything is accomplished in the recipe in front of you. The perfect match for the Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly recipe is peanut oil.

To convert your cannabis in peanut oil, simply:

  • Turn on the stove
  • Pour 1 ½ tablespoons of peanut oil onto the pan
  • Pour ½ teaspoon of grounded cannabis over the peanut oil

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to make your delicious Peanut Bud Butter and Jelly is heat up the pan and pour about 1 and ½ tablespoons of peanut oil onto the pan for each sandwich you wish to make. It is best to make one sandwich at a time.

Next, you need to pour about a ½ teaspoon of grounded cannabis over the peanut oil on the pan. You want this mixture to sauté in the pan on LOW heat for a few minutes. This is where the cannabis conversion takes place in this recipe. Once you’ve converted the cannabis into the peanut oil, you simply pour the peanut oil concoction into your peanut butter (chunky, smooth— whatever floats your boat).

Once you have the combination of the cannabis-infused peanut oil and the actual peanut butter, you need to mix them together VERY thoroughly to make sure the cannabis oil is equally distributed and you don’t get too high. Then, simply follow the steps of making a normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

In this recipe, I make a delicious triple-dicker sandwich with three pieces of bread, but you can make it however you’d like. The only problem you’ll have is being even hungrier after you eat it!

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Mary Jean Dunsdon
Mary Jean Dunsdon
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