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Old Strains of Cannabis That Are Still Popular Today

by Alfred Taerz 4 years ago in strains
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Enter past dimensions, warp the fabric of space, and time travel by way of these old strains of cannabis that are still popular today...

That's obviously an exaggerated phenomena: time travel and splitting dimensions? You must be high. Fortunately, though, these strains can definitely make you feel somewhat like that; crispier than a buttered muffin sunbathing in a Black and Decker toaster. While some people might have you believe that weed strains are mostly bullshit (more even say their meaning is nothing) I think otherwise, for many reasons. First of all, marijuana strains are important, because if they weren't, than growing cannabis wouldn't be such a high commodity industry. Second, with our modern landscape surrounding the political and cultural understandings behind marijuana, there’s much to learn from its long history. What better way to examine the long and eventful background of marijuana than through old strains of cannabis that are still popular today?

Well, smoking a fat blunt might be a better option, but it certainly won’t help us see the broader history under modern cannabis culture. You see, however you my feel about weed strains, the truth is that they did exist, and will continue to exist in the likes of more and more hybrid strains. Truly great breeds, like White Widow, OG Kush, Blue Dream, Lemon Haze, and Pineapple Express are only but a couple of infamous strains you all should know when searching for an exceptional high, but first you must understand the basics: Sativa and Indica. Before the hydroponics of indoor growing in the 1980s and its declaration as a Schedule I drug in 1970, the most popular form of cannabis consumption were landrace strains. Mostly born from the native regions of Mexico, Afghanistan, South America, Africa and Thailand, the landrace strains of yesteryear are what have bred what we all consume today. What do you smoke?

Afghan Kush

Hailing from central Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan, the “Hindu Kush,” one of the rarest marijuana strains that does exist, is also one of the most well-known or heard of among old strains of cannabis that are still popular today (and for good reason, too).

It's an indica that brings a kind of body high, one meant to calm, relax, and numb the body in warmth. On high altitudes, Hindu Kush, among other strains, grows in rugged terrains and wildernesses, but comes in various forms (the exact number of which is beyond measure). Because of this, growing Hindu Kush is often difficult and can lead to failure, since recreating the original strain is almost impossible for novice growers.

White Widow

In Amsterdam, White Widow is a tourist attraction. This addition to the old strains of cannabis that are still popular today is probably one of the most powerful of all on this list, and much of where it comes from still remains a mystery.

Most often, true marijuana strain aficionados point to its breeding as a mixture of a pure Brazilian landrace sativa with a South-Indian indica. It's an extremely potent hit when smoked, one that has a swirl of both worlds; both euphoric and active. This is an uplifting, cerebral high that will keep you moving in bubbling energy.

Northern Lights #5

With a 95 percent rate of indica, Northern Lights #5 (among counterparts) remains as a leading addition among old strains of cannabis that are still popular today. It offers tangy, overwhelming sensations mixed with a sweetness that's unrivaled. The amazing Cannabis Cup winner from over 30 years ago still can be utilized today for the treatment of pains, stress, and anxiety.

The all-time classic and award winner remains as an unbeatable strain with a certain type of flavor that is unrivaled by even some of the best on the market. It's not for newbie smokers, as it is a powerful high that can put down the bravest first timers.

Orange Bud

This is a hybrid strain, mostly a mixture of sativa-dominant Skunk originals that eventually birthed this Netherlandish pride. Orange Bud, a patriotic strain from the beautiful land of Netherland, is likewise protected with its original offspring held within the Dutch Passion Seed Company's seed vault.

What makes Orange Bud among old strains of cannabis that are still popular today? It's both uplifting and activating, as all sativas tend to be. It's also got a flavorful mix of fruits, like citrus, ripe orange, and nectarine, which have given it the Orange Bud name.

Original (OG) Haze

Meet the legendary "Nevil's Haze," for which has a long and cultivated history within the lifeblood of marijuana. OG Haze was first invented by the Californian based Haze Brothers, long before Dave Watson, otherwise known as "Sam the Skunkman," entered Amsterdam with the same marijuana strain back in the 1980s.

THC content of the OG Haze tends to range between 10 to 20 percent pure sativa. The Haze flavor is usually considered as having a sort of citrusy blend with sweet and spicy undertones with a high that builds up, rather than directly hits you. It's best used to treat migraine and other physical pains, rather than anxiety, depression, or paranoia (as psychedelic experiences have occurred).

Durban Poison

Don't take it's name too seriously. Having been the one to create the more infamous Girl Scout Cookies blend of marijuana strains, Durban Poison probably the least known in old strains of cannabis that are still popular today.

Brought over from Africa, Durban Poison is a euphoric and excellent effect of bringing one an ample amount of relaxation. When mixed with OG Kush, the Girl Scout Cookie strain is rendered, making Durban Poison extremely sought after not just for its hybrid creations, but for the potency of its landrace strain.

Acapulco Gold

One of the most classic landrace strains, used in countless mixtures, like the golden trifecta of Skunk #1, Acapulco Gold is well known for being Cheech and Chong's favorite marijuana strain. Also known as Mexican Sativa, this tasty marijuana strain meshes head highs with body highs to bring a long lasting uplifting for at least two hours or more.

Acapulco Gold was grown to benefit emotional happiness in its users, as it's one of the best social situational marijuana strains on in the industry. Like most landrace strains, you'll feel a bout of energy with both relaxation and happiness flowing about your being. That's why it's been considered among old strains of cannabis that are still popular today.


Initiated by the government, this so-called "super strain" is among the oldest and most powerful marijuana strains on the market still today. Most often known as G13, or Government Indica Strain 1, has lived for around 35 years and was bred by the US Government between the 1960s and 1970s for medicinal purposes, making it one of few old strains of cannabis that are still popular today.

This bad boy packs up to 24 percent of THC, mostly built up within your head and adds brief stints of energy and creativity to your high. As soon as you begin to feel these affects, you'll ease into relaxation and a state of calmness like never before. It's bound to knock you out, so it's recommended you use G13 only in the early evening.

Sour Diesel

Another extremely avid and popularly consumed marijuana strain is the infamous Sour Diesel, created by mixing Skunk #1, Chemdawg, and Northern Lights. Diesel, despite having a name like petrol oil, is a tasty sativa hybrid with a little bit of the good old indica to level the high. Just so you know, it's also one of the very best weed strains to have sex on.

It's not recommended for insomniacs, because the aftereffects of Sour Diesel tend to be energetic, are usually meant for good times, and will have you far from off the couch. Active, uplifting moods mixed with euphoria will persist with Sour Diesel, one of the most activating old strains of cannabis that are still popular today.

Super Skunk

Skunk #1, as you've already learned, is among the most popular, potent and euphoric breeds of cannabis around, then making the Super Skunk even more of a shoo in for old strains of cannabis that are still popular today—that is, if you can sniff it out.

There's a citrusy, fruity mix with the flavors when smoking Super Skunk, plus the overall strength of the strain is actually so powerful it's become sort of a controversy worldwide. It's dominated by its indica landrace strain, yet still evokes a cerebral high like none other, mostly found in the head, but it also carries a body-tingling feel to it.


Blended from a range of landrace strains, from South American and Mexican, to Thai and Afghani, Ak-47 was heralded as a pristine marijuana concoction that had been developed over a long period of time. It's also a strong, stoner staple for having a pungently dank smell, along with an unbelievably high THC content.

Still among old strains of cannabis that are still used today, AK-47 was first brought into being around 1992. It was among the first breakthrough, high-quality bud perfections to be initiated from extreme seed hunting during the 1970s and the practice of indoor propagation in the 1980s.


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