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Is Marijuana-Spiked Vodka a Possibility?

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 5 years ago in cooking / how to / fact or fiction
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Combine the best of both worlds with marijuana-spiked vodka.

Getting drunk while also getting high is a great way to kick off a nice party hour. The problem with trying to get high while out with friends is that you can't exactly expect to get away with smoking weed in public. However, sneaking a little bit of booze is always an option and it's especially possible if your booze of choice tends to look the same as water.

So, maybe it's time that stoners get a bit sneaky when it comes to their THC cravings. Rather than smoke pot or do classic edibles, wouldn't it make sense to drink it, instead?

This brings us to a current question of marijuana-infused vodka. Is it possible? Also, will it deliver the THC that we want without having it break down in the alcohol?

There are a lot of questions out there involving marijuana and alcohol, and we need answers to them! We decided to take a look at how good cannabis vodka could be, and how some crafty alcohol enthusiasts may be able to make it happen.

First off, yes, it is possible to make cannabis-infused liquor.

Unlike other drugs, marijuana's potency doesn't get harmed by alcohol. In fact, you can get a better hit of THC from cannabis-infused alcohol than you would from baked goods or even smoking the herb. This is because the THC you'd get in a flask of ganja-laced vodka will be purer and more concentrated.

Moreover, alcohol also tends to magnify the effects of THC, even when it's smoked. In other words, cannabis vodka will get you seriously wasted. Most people would describe the high you get from the stuff as a "euphoric" drunken feeling.

The fact is that marijuana-laced alcohol has been around for a very long time.

Though it's hard to imagine, people have been infusing hard drugs with alcohol since before the Industrial Revolution. Laudanum, an alcohol infusion with opium, was a favorite drug among major authors like Lord Byron and Edgar Allen Poe.

That being said, laudanum is bad for you and also happens to be extremely addictive. Vodka infused with cannabis, though, gives a good high and is far less hurtful, addictive, and dangerous.

Oddly enough, there's reason to believe that cannabis-vodka tinctures have been around for almost as long a time as laudanum. Absinthe was originally made with a thujone - a chemical similar to THC. Who's to say that some Victorian pothead didn't decide to make his own tincture?

Most people who lived back in the 60s can tell you that cannabis-infused liquor is known as "Green Dragon," and that it's not typically green unless you add food coloring. It's incredibly strong if you wait a couple of weeks for it to infuse properly; some people even claim to get high after only 5 drops or so!

Of course, this is just a very basic recipe on how to get yourself some vodka (or tequila) with a THC spike. There are plenty of ways to dress up this drink, especially if you're a fan of cocktails.

Classic ways to spice up cannabis-tequila would be to make margaritas with them. Meanwhile, jello shots tend to be the de facto way to enjoy cannabis-vodka tinctures.

That being said, it's safe to say that most potheads will find it's perfectly fine to just add a couple of drops of this tincture to their favorite cocktail. Cheers!

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