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I Use Cannibis for Creativity

by Cosmo Carr 23 days ago in culture

I've been a painter and musician since I was about six years old. This is how I came to use cannibis to enhance my workflow during my projects.

I Use Cannibis for Creativity
Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

When I was five or six, I discovered art and painting. I had loved music since I could remember. They both became hobbies that developed during my childhood and teen years. In college when I was about seventeen I started smoking weed regularly when I was chilling with friends or alone when I was working on a project. I am and was a high-strung person so smoking really chills me out and helps me focus.

At first though, I got too high to function. My boyfriend and I have an inside joke from that the time period where we were beginners. We snuck into a club pool house to smoke and swim and when I ripped the bong I was so fried that I was whispering to him thinking I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and my vision felt like it was moving at ten frames per second. I remember looking up at the sky and getting so lost in the stars and clouds that I had a sudden sensation that I was falling on an elevator. My limbs felt like they were walking themselves. That is the most baked I've been and so we refer to that as "poolhouse faded" haha

After my tolerance normalized and I was more comfortable in that state I started to experiment more with what sort of things could be enhanced by smoking weed. Of course I came to the conclusion to try my hobbies (music and art) while I was blazed. What I came to realize is that smoking for me, I enter this sort of state where I feel hyper-focused on everything. I am already a very aware person who picks up on things easily. So I started to create my art, my paintings. I entered this super workflow zone where every drop of paint on the canvas was a pixel in a screen. I could sense what needed to go next in the picture. Even for people that don't regularly use cannibis, if you set a goal to focus on something and you truly focus on it, you will step right into the zone.

With music, I created three full albums in three months by focusing my energy on all of the little details that were enhanced for me. I worked on producing my songs one by one depending on my mood and my high (because every high is different for me) and I started creating things in twenty minutes that would take me twenty hours sober. I found that if I tried to split up making a song in several different sessions it would turn out very random and didn't have such a good flow. So if I have about four hours to kill on a song, you bet, I smoke a pearly and go right to it. I use bandlab to make music which I have found very successful. Here is a link to it if you are interested in making music for FREE. I use the app on my galaxy phone and tablet.


It's amazing what cannibis can do to enhance my workflow and creativity. Everything being enhanced is a huge bonus when you are working on a creative project. Speaking of enhanced, LSD has also helped me produce some amazing masterpieces, but that will be for a different article ;)

The next time you have a few hours to kill and the drive to start a project, I really encourage you to spark up and intensely focus on what your goal is. You could be amazed at how much it could spark your creativity, too. Even if you are not a creative mastermind, but you have a solid idea, go for it.

I've always wanted to try something like this with friends (friends if you are reading this, ehh? ehhhh?)


Similar to the paint and wine shindigs, here you can, well, puff puff pass and paint. Get in the zone. Share a toke with your friends and let your creativity run free. Wherever your mind takes you, I wish you luck on your journey of creativity and cannibis.

Cosmo Carr
Cosmo Carr
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