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How to Use a Vape Pen for CBD, Weed and More?

by Alica Knopwood 6 months ago in product review

The trick to enjoying your vaping as best you can lies in getting the right mixture from your vape pen.

How to Use a Vape Pen for CBD, Weed and More?
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The demand for vaping products refuses to die down, and with many more people choosing to vape than smoke this is an industry that is growing at an alarming rate. Adding to the boom is the legalization of cannabis in some – but not all – states of the USA, and the decriminalization of the substance in many others. With cannabis now able to be grown in homes in the likes of California, for example, there are many new vape pens for cannabis users to choose from, so what is a vape pen, and how do you use one for vaping CBD, weed and other products?

Vape Pen Explained

A vape pen is a relatively simple device in basic form. Pen-like in shape, it consists of a reservoir into which the CBD or weed goes, a battery that heats up an element that vaporizes the substance, and that’s about it! There are more sophisticated models that come with power controls, but you’re most likely to go for a cheap disposable model at first. Once you’re happy you may then choose a rechargeable one and move up a level. So, how do you use a vape pen?

Using a Vape Pen

In addition to the re-usable and disposable option there are two main types of vape pen: push button and draw activated. The push button models you need to press a button a prescribed number of times to activate the pen, while the draw activated models you simply draw from, and they start to work immediately. The latter are the more popular as they are easier to use, but the push button models may also come with the ability to alter temperature which can be useful.

To use a vape pen with CBD is simple. You either buy cartridges pre-filled with CBD oil that attach to your vape pen or, if you have a refillable model, you fill up the reservoir with vape oil bought from a retailer, and you’re ready to go. Make sure the oil you buy is for vaping and not to be used as a tincture; there is a difference and only CBD oil for vaping is suitable.

The benefit of buying CBD vape oil lies in the variety of strengths and flavors that you can choose from, and also the fact you can ensure you are getting a quality product when you find a reputable retailer.

Weed is slightly different. While you can buy attachments for vape pens that are designed to vape weed, many users find them inefficient. The answer is to buy a dedicated vape pen for weed vaporization, or a portable weed vaporizer. Your retailer will be able to help you find the right equipment for vaping weed.

You may also wish to vape wax or use a dab pen – specially made for specific types of substances – once you get used to vaping your CBD or weed products, as there is an entire world of products to explore when it comes to vaping.

Final Words

The trick to enjoying your vaping as best you can lies in getting the right mixture from your vape pen. If you are a beginner, start with small draws on the pen and build up, until you start to get the effects of the CBD, weed or other substance that you have decided to vape. If you have a pen with temperature controls start experimenting with this and see what difference it makes. Most important, legalization continues in the US but we advise you check if cannabis is legal in your state before you start vaping.

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