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The Challenges of Responsive Web Design

by Alica Knopwood 6 months ago in how to

Our Web Design Toronto offers responsive websites for every niche of business so that your business could grow in today’s competitive world.

Websites are becoming very important for every business and even for personal uses, it is mandatory for celebrities to have a webpage that offers information to people. Technology is advancing every second hence the devices are becoming more compatible in size but stronger in performances. Websites need to be responsive in order to provide the best user experience to the users browsing the web. But there are some challenges of responsive web design that a web designer has to face while designing the responsive design for the website. Our Web Design Toronto offers responsive websites for every niche of business so that your business could grow in today’s competitive world. A web designer would face the following challenges when they try to design a responsive website:

Showing content on different screens: It is the best idea to use responsive designs so that your website could open on every screen size with proper alignment of the content. Sometimes content or element size can be hard to adjust on different screen sizes hence it becomes very difficult to adjust that content on mobile devices that are shown elegantly on desktop sites.

Hiding or removing elements: In order to create a responsive website sometimes, some content or elements are needed to be hidden or removed from the website. You need to choose which element should be hidden or removed for different screen sizes because it is hard to decide which element to show as everything on a webpage is important. Our Web Agency Toronto will help you determine the content that is necessary for desktop sites but that you could easily use it as a hidden element on mobile devices like navigation menus are used in a hidden form on mobile websites.

Website speed: People who browse websites on mobile devices tend to experience faster web experience but generally websites that are responsive would have heavy codes that would not load faster. Frameworks like Bootstrap and other responsive web development frameworks can make your website load slower. Our Web Designers in Toronto are highly efficient to alter the codes of frameworks to use only that part of the code which is used on your website and the rest of the code can be removed from the website. It will reduce the webpage size and increase its loading speed and this challenge can be completed with success.

Longer time to design: When you are looking to design a website that offers great visual display on every screen size then you will need to use a lot of code to make it happen. You would need more time to code more hence it will increase the development and designing time of the website but at our Web Design Company Toronto we have the experts who are skilled and experienced in designing responsive websites in a quick time. When it takes a longer time to design a website then your company’s goodwill can be affected in a negative way as clients would want their work done faster.

Challenge of converting old website to responsive: Yes, it is really difficult to change the code of a website and if that website is not initially designed by you then you will have to work more to change its code to responsive code. Old websites can have code written in a different manner and element s could have been added to the website with a different form of code. It will be hard to change that code into a responsive code hence it is one of the biggest challenges of responsive web design. All you need to do is just contact our web design company Toronto and forget about all worries of responsive web designs.

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