How Technology Is Changing the Cannabis Delivery Landscape

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis use in California back in 2016, industry technology has gone from strength to strength.

How Technology Is Changing the Cannabis Delivery Landscape
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What was once difficult and sometimes dangerous is now easy, fast, and safe thanks to cannabis delivery technology and the service providers pioneering how consumers get marijuana products delivered to them at home.

Legal and illegal dispensaries have been selling marijuana for some time, many of them offering delivery services themselves that were unregulated. These types of delivery methods place cannabis delivery in LA into the hands of drivers who had not undergone security review or training.

Thanks to the legalization in California, new service providers are using the latest technology and strict vetting protocols to make sure consumers of marijuana who order their weed online get it safely, often with a tracking link that provides them with the driver’s information, and their estimated time of arrival. This evolution is a far cry from the days when consumers would have marijuana delivered illegally, reliant on drivers who were not monitored or properly vetted.

Now though, intuitive internet technology is changing the weed delivery landscape, so that in cities such as Los Angeles, cannabis delivery is not only safer, but faster than ever. Intuitive menu technology makes it so that online customers are only shown the product inventory that is actually in stock. Placing orders online using secure payment methods for cannabis delivery is now par for the course.

Another technological breakthrough in the market is consumer-driven connectivity. By linking the nearest driver to a customer delivery addresses using GPS technology allows for deliveries that arrive in lightning speed, because only the closest driver geographically to the final delivery location is assigned the delivery job. This kind of geo-communication technology means that providers of marijuana delivery can get their products to their customers whatever the delivery landscape, in a timeframe that is significantly faster than when delivery technology was inferior.

Technology serves marijuana delivery companies effectively, because it allows them to track itinerary and process orders faster. By knowing digitally which products are in stock, this allows providers to only display to consumers the products they have in real-time. This itinerary tech advancement means that providers of cannabis delivery in LA and beyond are increasing their order accuracy and delivery rates, and deliver on what they present online.

Communication technology is further improving how consumers and providers experience the weed delivery revolution in states such as California. By texting customers a tracking link so that they can follow their delivery live, this increases consumer satisfaction by removing the number one factor in consumer dissatisfaction; doubt. Providing customers with the tools they need to know exactly when to meet their weed delivery driver outside, this adds a level of professionalism that did not exist in the cannabis industry before the advancement of communication technology.

Furthermore, customers are able to communicate with service centers over text, call, or email, so that concerns, delivery issues, or feedback is received while the order is out for delivery. This allows providers to quickly rectify delivery issues, and allows for a higher customer retention rate. By offering multi-platform communication between marijuana delivery providers and their consumers, the industry is now rife with competitive delivery services, which are maintaining the human-to-human experience customers get at a dispensary, without the customer having to leave their home and travel to get cannabis.

In light of all of these notable improvements, it’s no surprise that companies such as are now one of the leading providers of cannabis delivery in LA. Using these new technologies that have improved connectivity, reliability, and delivery accuracy, customers are getting more and more familiar with what products are out there, and who is stepping up to provide them efficiently. With all this in mind, and at the rate of technological advancement to be expected, the online cannabis delivery industry is becoming a tech sphere to watch with a growing consumer base, and more and more providers taking to the ring.

Grassdoor Marijuana Delivery
Grassdoor Marijuana Delivery
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