How CBD Oil Has Changed My Life

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And Why You Should Consider Taking It Too

How CBD Oil Has Changed My Life

Many people have finally started to become wise to the fact that, as humans living in the United States, our government does not truly have our best interest at heart. Our healthcare system is a giant mess no matter how you look at it. A vast majority of this country's idea of healthcare is to charge the average citizen more than they make in a year just to get medical care during an emergency. We are given drugs (often costing more than most people make in a month) that tend to merely mask our symptoms (assuming they actually work) and come with horrific side effects more often than not. At least some of these drugs are also highly addictive. Another increasingly common "cure" is simply telling patients that, no matter what your problem is or what size you are, that you should simply lose weight...because that always makes everything better, right? Reality check...WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Why I Went Searching for a Better Solution and Found CBD...

As someone who personally deals with chronic illness on a daily basis, I can tell you from experience that the medical world is full of a lot of useless junk in many ways. Now, you may assume from this statement that I am against medical science, but you couldn't be further from the truth. There are times when modern medicine has done what it rightfully should and has helped me immensely. Most of the time, however, I have found more natural alternatives to be much more effective in treating my many ailments. It is incredibly important, first of all, to have a doctor who actually cares about YOU and truly healing YOU. These days, you usually get stuck with a doctor who is just interested in pushing pills or trying to do as little as possible so that you have to keep coming back to them. The goal of a majority of the healthcare system (as depressing as it is to think about) is to buy your doctor's fifth Porsche, NOT to eliminate your illness so that you can live your best life. As long as your doctor is living it up, they usually couldn't care less about how much you struggle just to get through a day. I have experienced this with a vast majority of the doctors I have seen in my life (and I have seen many even if they haven't truly seen me in return). Modern medicine definitely has the potential to do great things, but it is heavily shadowed by large companies whose only desire is to make as much money as possible off of other people's pain and misery. The medical industry basically enjoys your suffering. Keeping you sick intentionally while covering their tracks allows them to steal your money and your comfort in broad daylight without you even thinking about fighting back. It feels so good to be taken advantage of like that, doesn't it? We teach our children as a core value that it's NOT okay for others to take advantage of them in life, yet we allow our healthcare system to do it to us every single day. I, for one, have decided to take my health into my own hands as best I can. It is my way of giving those who don't care if I live or die a big middle finger. I will not fund that CEO's third condo in Hawaii if I can help it. I don't appear to be the only one who feels this way either. People who are sick and tired of always being sick and tired are starting to take a stand for their right to live a full and healthy life. And no, I'm not talking about fad diets or lifestyles that use health as an excuse to push their own personal beliefs and agendas (a majority of fad diets and lifestyles wind up being disproven over time for one reason or another... no single diet works for every body either). I'm talking about real solutions with real results that government owned healthcare doesn't want you to know about and utilize. Real solutions that they want you to think are just a fad or a fairy tale. And that's where CBD comes in...

I am always in pain. As time marches on, my overall pain gets worse. My joints ache. My muscles ache. Even my bones ache on really bad days. The nerves throughout my body (especially in my hands and feet) often feel pinched or like somebody is trying to stab a knife through them. Any time I am on my feet, especially when I try to walk or dance for extended periods of time, my legs (and sometimes my entire body) literally start to feel like someone doused them with gasoline and set them on fire. I can no longer tolerate hot and cold extremes, which is a huge problem where I currently live. And these are my "good days." Despite my doctors admitting that this level of pain is not normal, they refuse to give me any type of pain relief. I guess someone coming to you in tears because they are in an unspeakable amount of pain and just want to feel good enough to live their life isn't enough of a reason to help them. I was just told, "We can't help you, sorry. Maybe you should lose some weight." The funny thing about that is that I have had to have my thyroid removed due to thyroid cancer. Before that, I had severe hypothyroidism. My body no longer responds to any attempts at weight loss. I already eat healthy and I become extremely physically ill if I don't. My profession as a performance artist requires constant intense training in dance and swimming. I exercise more in a week than most people do in a year. So no, simply "losing weight" is not a realistic option; not to mention it's a completely ridiculous suggestion in so many ways. My pain stems from my chronic illnesses, and so does my current weight. Fix my chronic illnesses (or at least help me control them), and guess what? Maybe I'll lose some of the weight that you are so obsessed with. My only silver lining was when one of my doctors finally casually mentioned CBD in one of our conversations. It was not a direct recommendation either, so I had to read between the lines and do all of the research on my own. And now...

My world is so much brighter thanks to CBD!

After what felt like forever researching different brands, I have finally settled on a variety of brands and products that help me personally. I now sell CBD products for three different companies (I test each one personally for quality before offering them to my clients). Each company offers unique and innovative ways to get your CBD. As for me, I use multiple products. I have a specific topical oil that has literally eliminated the chronic knee pain that I suffer from. I was no longer able to sit cross-legged without severe pain, and I would constantly be shifting my legs when working at the computer because I couldn't get comfortable. Floorwork as a dance artist was becoming a nightmare. With this oil, none of this is an issue anymore. Tinctures have also become my best friend. In addition to greatly reducing my stress and anxiety levels, I have also experienced a huge increase in my ability to focus on my work. My memory has improved and, though it is generally said that CBD helps you sleep, it actually helps to increase my energy levels. I believe that this is due to having no thyroid, which means that my body reacts to certain things differently (for example, most people get more energy off of caffeine whereas I get incredibly sleepy from it). All of these things are very promising and have greatly improved my quality of life. Is my body perfect? No, and it never will be. But when I can actually live my life without the constant distraction of pain and inability to focus on simple tasks, it makes my world a much happier place. At the end of the day, I have to live inside of my own body. That means taking care of myself and making sure that I can function to the best of my ability. Otherwise, I can't contribute to the world in the way that I am meant to. CBD helps me to do that without the risk of altering my state of consciousness. I love that. It is much more satisfying to spend money on something that I know helps me without side effects than it is to spend tons of money on doctors and medicine that either does nothing constructive or has terrible side effects. But that's just me.

A Side Note...

There are even CBD options for your pets! I use one such product on my felines and all four of them are thriving on it. My munchkins have all been rescued as strays or via adoption, and they each come with their own unique set of health issues. I have seen this oil help them with everything from hair loss to severe separation anxiety. Their coats are incredibly shiny, they are more mellow, and they seem to be feeling healthier overall.

Final Thoughts

Please know that everything I have stated in this article is from my own personal experience with different products containing CBD. It is NOT doctor or FDA approved. Make sure that you understand the laws surrounding CBD for your area. Also realize that, just as I said above, there is no miracle cure for every body. CBD very well may not work for you, and that's okay. It's just another option that happened to work miracles for my family.

It is assumed that you will accept personal responsibility for any action you choose to take on behalf of your health after reading the above information. Be smart. Do your own research and ALWAYS be careful when selecting what you are using on and in your body. Our bodies are temples. We only get one. Be wise in taking care of it. I send you lots of love for a long and prosperous life.

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