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    Published about a year ago
    How CBD Oil Has Changed My Life

    How CBD Oil Has Changed My Life

    Many people have finally started to become wise to the fact that, as humans living in the United States, our government does not truly have our best interest at heart. Our healthcare system is a giant mess no matter how you look at it. A vast majority of this country's idea of healthcare is to charge the average citizen more than they make in a year just to get medical care during an emergency. We are given drugs (often costing more than most people make in a month) that tend to merely mask our symptoms (assuming they actually work) and come with horrific side effects more often than not. At least some of these drugs are also highly addictive. Another increasingly common "cure" is simply telling patients that, no matter what your problem is or what size you are, that you should simply lose weight...because that always makes everything better, right? Reality check...WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.