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Frankincense & Lavender

by Majique MiMi 5 months ago in fact or fiction
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A Soothing Story 29

Frankincense & Lavender
Photo by Laura Baker on Unsplash

“Living bees out of ya, huh” Cedric waved at Luke who bowed his head as he sauntered offa Cedric’s patio to finally head home.

“Well they wasn’t dead bees, Cedric!” Sandy’s shout feigned anger but there was just enough lilt in her voice to keep Minnie sound asleep in her fluffy bed and to keep Cedric on his toes.

“Well good Lord, I hope not, woman,” Cedric quipped back.

“The Lord is why the bees are living, Cedric.”

There was a long lull of uncomfortable silence because Cedric honestly thought the woman fell down a rabbit hole of eminent crazy and started thinkin about ways to get out of having another meal with her when Sandy finally broke the silence.

And loudly…

“Good God C! I was just tryin to be respectful and not cuss or use the Lord’s name in vain in case you didn’t engage in vernacular as foul as mine.”

Then she laughed, but apprehensively asked, “My bad, we good, C?”

“So what chu was sayin is you was tryin to be a lady and shit…” Cedric again punctuated his witty retort with an exaggerated chuckle which made Sandy respond accordingly.

“Ain’t no tryin with me, Cedric Sir, I know very well how to conduct myself out chea. Whether I’m in front of a judge or a jailor, I know how to act, ya heard?”

The pair commenced in laughter for a spell, then Sandy let a long exhale while apologizing, “Don’t pay me no never mind, C, I’m just bein contrary to be contrary. Don’t mean nothin by it, and I need to stop before I scare you off.”

“T’aint fittin to go no where woman. You ain’t said nor did nothin yet that would make me not want to burn some eggs fo ya. Just need to know how you take em and what time my girlfriend Minnie is comin and how many pieces of turkey sausage she want?”

Sandy, still not fully dressed, began walking around her little bungalow gathering items to get primping. But before she did that she went over to her nightstand and opened the drawer removing a small onyx box. In the box was a rainbow metallic smoking set complete with a grinder and a matching tin to hold her cones once she filled them. Opening the tin, she smiled as she chose a strawberry flavored cone filled with the White Chocolate sativa.

Sandy discovered the White Chocolate strain when she first started the medicinal program. Since she was a brand spanking new consumer with the stigma still oppressively cloaked over her, Sandy was paranoid of any smell that might emanate from her bungalow. She figured how bad could something called White Chocolate wrapped in a strawberry wrapper smell bad?

The first time Sandy smoked it, to be honest she wouldn’t know if it smelled good or not. All she knew is her neck and shoulders weren’t so stiff and she didn’t feel pressured to constantly be doing something productive.

Her therapist told her once that sometimes the most productive thing we as human beings can do for our bodies is nothing.

Sandy didn’t understand that statement at first, but then her therapist went on to explain that sometimes human beings will wear themselves out by constantly staying in overdrive in order to get everything done by some sort of arbitrary deadline…so that when they reached it, they could rest two days at the end of the week.

From what Sandy surmised, correctly or otherwise, was that she wasn’t sposed to rush, to or for, nothin or nobody but herself.

“Every once in a while, I still like my eggs over easy, C, but if it ain’t too much trouble, I just want some whites with spinach, mushrooms and cheese?”

“Veggie egg white omelette with turkey sausage will be up in fifteen, don’t worry bout shavin yo legs and gettin cute, just throw on some sweats and bring my baby girl to me.”

Good Lord, the man done claimed my Minnie, it’s gonna be a long summer.

***Double Caramel Cappuccino with hazelnut creamer and Cookie Crust 🌱💨

fact or fiction

About the author

Majique MiMi

You can call me MiMi. I’m a Brain Aneurysm & Stroke Survivor & Former English Professor. I write to stay sane and to keep gratitude in my Spirit & Praises in my mouth.

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