Cannabis: Good or Evil?

A Look at Marijuana Use From Both Perspectives

Cannabis: Good or Evil?

Have you ever sat there and thought to yourself: What's the point of everything, the world—why do I exist?...Fear NOT, you are probably not alone. Recently, every time I smoke weed I notice a trend that my brain goes through. Normally, when I smoke a hybrid or sativa, at least, I go through these waves where I like to question everything and think about different scenarios and grassroots to world issues, personal life conflicts, and more.

It’s something that cannabis—or even mushrooms—can do to you. Cannabis is BY FAR my favourite choice of “substance,” as society would call it, or as my fellow weed smokers would say: “natural plant,” which, in fact, is true. Although there is a HUGE negative stigma behind marijuana, thankfully, with the legalization in specific states in the U.S such as Colorado, California, and its fellow neighbours over in Canada, this is slowly helping increase the awareness of cannabis and its positive benefits.

Now, for those people who’ve had a bad experience with cannabis and tell people “it makes you paranoid” or “it makes me lazy” or “I can’t sleep on it,” these are all claims that can, in fact, be true. However, these are all anecdotal statements. We’ve seen recently that people are opening up slowly and, at least where I live here in Canada, the per capita rate of marijuana users is extremely high and only growing with the legalization of Cannabis. When I talk to people who make such negative claims about marijuana, I proceed to ask them: “Do you drink?”

And a majority of the time I get "yes."

Well…I think, without me showing scientific articles and citations to prove my statement, we all know marijuana is far better than alcohol and many other things out there. Marijuana can be your best friend in the world, as it is mine, but sometimes it can be the biggest devil if you do too much…I know some of you out there know what I’m talking about…Marijuana CAN lead to paranoia, it CAN make you lazy, but a lot of it is a mindset. You need to have a positive mindset when doing it, just like anything in life. If you have a negative mindset, you’ll just trip yourself out and blame the plant. Our mind is an extremely powerful thing that many people don’t ever unlock until old age. Many people can’t handle marijuana, or any drug, for that matter. That’s fine, stay “sober” if you want, but STOP JUDGING OTHERS. It is 2018—marijuana has a large stigma around it, however, I want you to think back for a minute and remember how close-minded people were towards this approximately ten years ago. We’ve seen an exponential growth in this industry and per capita usage in various countries, and with legalization on the way in Canada, we can assume an even larger growth. Give it about ten years from now, where I 100 percent believe marijuana will be larger in sales and usage than alcohol. Marijuana will no longer have this “stigma” behind it as it does now, because the only reason it does is because of…THE GOVERNMENT. The government, for MANY YEARS, ARRESTED people who smoked marijuana or had possession. For those of you who do your homework, did you know they did the same for alcohol once upon a time…

Think outside the box for a minute and look at this from a different lens. We are currently experiencing a huge change, and similar to what we saw with alcohol, now that doctors will openly speak on this and large social media influencers, etc. start to promote and talk about this plant, we will see a HUGE change in the way marijuana is viewed.

Because of the benefits, the minority of side effects, and the straight hard facts—that it is a scientifically proven much better substitute for something like alcohol, cocaine, caffeine, etc.—anything misused or abused is WRONG and can lead to terrible things. Everything in moderation is important and I am telling you all these things to think of things in a DIFFERENT perspective...

The government controls people’s minds. Once they ACCEPT this and start making financial earnings, they’re happy and will change the image behind this plant we all love: marijuana.


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