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Cannabis Education For Everyone!

by Richard Huffman 5 years ago in culture / industry / science / social media / politics
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Send me the 'weediots'! I'll educate them all!

My anti-inflammatory smoothie, vapes, bud-pipe, hash-pipe, and cannabis based salve!

Well, I hope that everyone read my first story here, "Marijuana & Morphine... My Life in a Pill Bottle". Posted just a few days ago. Hopefully, everyone was able to stand the fireworks displays on the 4th! Me? Not so much. We can see five different fireworks shows from our end of the road, dead-end, where we have chosen to live. I grew up in upstate NY, left for the Army in '79, and as a result, I can no longer stand the shows. My hypervigilance kicks in and sends me into a state of fear/flashbacks. Even medical cannabis doesn't quite keep up with the hypervigilance. A cross I must bear.

My lovely wife, Debbie grew up in "Da Bronx"! And I was born and raised in Syracuse, NY, and most of my life was spent working farms and assorted jobs. So, Debbie wanted to get away from the city, and I've never felt comfortable in a crowded apartment complex, or, in Arizona, where they're pumping out homes in a frenzy! And these homes sit on fractions of an acre! Remember from my 1st story, I was a Realtor for a couple of years, and I saw the way they crowd these homes to the point where you open up your curtains, and everyone can see what you're doing! I'm a free-spirit, and I'm typically always wearing a tank-top, and shorts. I'll don my 501's for trips to town. And I enjoy being able to not have an audience for my life! We are at the end of a 'seasonal' road...meaning that during our monsoon storms, we have to use the pickup truck to get out, and even then, we can't always get out for a day or two, and we love it! You can't make us move anywhere else! I was the agent for buying our home, and I saw this home listed, and the square footage was 2112 sqft! I'm a RUSH fan, and any RUSH fan will know the meaning of the #2112. It was their fourth album back in the 70's.

It was the second home we looked at....put in an offer, and they dropped the price for us, and we've got 4.3 acres to ourselves, and the Ironwood National Forest borders our west side, and nobody can build there! We're extremely happy here, and plan on dying here! Hell, it's a 1/4 mile to our mail box! And the woods that surround us here are extremely painful, thorny Mesquite trees, which only the local wildlife can get through; Javelina, ground-squirrels, rabbits, huge hares, lots of quail, roadrunners, Coyotes, and there's an elusive Bobcat that comes around, and we see the scat, and tracks, but we've only seen them a couple of times. Hell, today, my wife called me as she was going down our road to tell me that the Coyotes had a few pups, and Debbie saw one crossing the road on her way to work. And I can't forget the Rattlesnakes! Arizona Diamondbacks is more than a baseball team!

In all the time since we moved here in December '07, I've killed one rattler per year. Except for this year, we had one on our deck, under a huge box, and he was in hunting mode. We called a guy who does snake and other pest removal in his spare time, came out, and the snake had disappeared, but he only charged us $50, and said to call him the second we see the rattler on the deck again, and that same night, there was the snake, under the box and hunting the mice and rats we trap to keep our pets from getting sick from the mouse and rat urine that is deadly to animals, and not good for humans either! And he rushed over and we trapped it in a corner, giving him the opportunity to grab it with his special reach & grab tool. And the second visit was free! We'll definitely call him again, but only if it's on the deck....We've removed the box so there's no hidey hole for them. And if it's on the ground, I've got my Springfield XD-40, .40cal auto. And, whenever I've shot a snake, not once has anyone called the Sheriff's on us. In fact, with my hypervigilence, and there's always these idiots shooting guns in the air, and they make me jump! So far no bullets have landed nearby.

So, anyhoo, I am continuously speaking out for the legalization movement for medical cannabis across the globe and I tag our President Trump in most of my posts and videos! He's got to replace his 'drug-czar', Jeff Sessions, with Dr's, scientists, and medically knowledgeable people, and NOT a friggin' politician with an ax to grind!

I've mentioned in my first story about how many groups I'm personally running on Facebook. All my creations, and I'm the only Admin, because I need total autonomous control over the posts. I'm serious about keeping my pages legal, because illegal talk, posts, pictures and such are antithetical to the legalization movement. So, I'm adamant about who can join my groups. All members must be on my friends list before joining any of my groups and pages. Period! And nothing deemed as weed-porn. Except for the poetry group and Cannabis Education For Everyone. I'll not endanger myself or the legalization movement for a little humor. I do allow some stoner humor, because, let's face it! Cannabis is a medicine, as well as being classified as a food! Yes, cannabis and hemp are vegetables! So, cannabis prohibition is not allowing people to utilize a natural food source that (as an atheist) I even quote Genesis 1:29, where God said, "...and verily, I give you every seed, fruit and nut bearing plant on this earth, and it shall be as food, or meat (depending on the version you're reading) to you". And as a food, it's something that we can enjoy ingesting! And Sativa strains are low psychoactive, uplifting, and artistic outlets. So, my pages include...

facebook.com/rick.huffman.79 is my homepage.

facebook.com/marizonaricksvlog is my video log, and target for all pro-weed videos.

facebook.com/groups/rickspaincommunity is Rick's Pain Group

facebook.com/groups/ricksmmjgroup is, obviously my pot page!

facebook.com/Marizonarick is my blog for weed, and pain.

facebook.com/groups/poetryoriginals is my poems mostly, but anyone can join free, and post your own original poetry! I have over 700 poems all written within 18 months! Almost all pain-related.

facebook.com/groups/patriotupamerica is titled, Patriot-up For Donald Trump America and I tag the Prez any chance I can. Just posted a long post to the President with my video from today, #101 in my series: Marijuana: (xxx, xxx sub-title).

And! I've created a group for which the express purpose is to educate those who I've dubbed as Anti-weed Nazis, and my latest catchphrase, 'weediots', not so much idiots, but folk who are ignorant of the facts of the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis, as well as reiterating over and over again, the facts and truths surrounding the idiotic prohibition of the last 80 wasted years! And the safety profile of cannabis and cannabinoids, and the fact that they kill cancers, where the cancer industry itself pushes their poisons on cancers proven to not have any effects, and can actually spur a tumor to metastasize! And the address of this, Cannabis Education For Everyone is...


Send me weediots and anti-weed Nazis! I have the truth and facts, and this science cannot be denied, and politicians cannot legislate it into obscurity, much as they'd like to!

So, what can I continue with....hmmmmm......

I'm putting my ass on the line by tagging President Trump, but I don't care! I've just tonight invited him to join Cannabis Education in my video share, at least to come and read the truths and facts that I've been working hard to find the best way to get cannabis legalized. I'd dearly love to see the Prez put out a Federal mandate for all remaining states to implement cannabis for medicine, and let the states approve recreational use as they see fit. And after seeing the money that can be made? Why isn't our government utilizing hemp industry and medicinal cannabis? Stupidity is the first word that comes to mind! In 1936, a science magazine wrote a story on hemp farming and industry, and hemp was called the "first billion dollar crop"! Today's dollars? Multi-trillion dollars just from industrial hemp! And the Feds need to open the banks to our dispensaries! They're losing out on these trillions of tax dollars!

So, let me tell ya a little bit about my dispensary. I started 5 years ago and went through five of the closest dispensaries. Nature Med is the closest by a mile and a half from my regular, and I didn't like the way they pack your buy. They have glass apothecary jars, and they're constantly opening them to dish out buds into non airtight pill bottles! Every time they open a jar, they're losing moisture, and they're changing the cannabinoid profiles through decarboxylation! As I learned about decarbing, I saw the writing on the wall. My dispensary #botanicanation Botanica Tucson, they do it right! They pack buds in little gram packs, 1/8ths, and 1/4ers, and in the quarter ounces, they add a moisture packet designed to maintain 62% humidity, keeping the buds fresh....But that's not all! As they pack their bags, they're hermetically sealed with a tear-off strip, and has a backup of a ziplok closure!

So, NatureMed stopped getting my business, because the strains effects were inconsistent with the Leafly.com strain identifiers. Botanica, and the manager, a great friend on Facebook and member of my weed group, Erin, is a sweetheart who has, for the last three years, loves me for my loyalty, and since when I get my SSDI check on the first, and it's a weekday that Debbie's working, she's got to rush home, take me back into town, PLS check cashing, and dispensary trip; and since I cannot get there until close to closing time at 7pm, I have been able to call them at opening, 10am, and they'll reserve up to a full ounce of mix and match buds for me! So, I don't bother going to the others, as they all serve buds out of jars, into pill bottles, and my wife gets nauseated by the smell of the fresh buds, and I can't open the bags until we get home. And I get the strongest pain killing strains, too! In fact, for gen'l info, the first of July was Saturday, and they had a sale of older hydroponics stuff, and Debbie's been trying to grow our own veggies,(I'm not allowed to grow weed, extra $'s, and I live within the 25 mile zone), and we picked up enough for Debbie to grow her tomatoes hydroponically. But, this trip, I'd like to share my 'take'!

Got a 1/4oz of Granddaddy Purple, 1/4 of Chronic Thunder, a 1/4 of Iced Grapefruit, a Botanica special hybrid, and I filled out a free 1/8th card! And I picked Sage & Sour, a nice Sativa for balance. But those are double wrapped in ziplok bags, and awaiting the time I get through the prior months strains; and I'm always a month ahead, in case we need the money for an emergency and can't get to the dispensary. I'm presently working on Pennywise, Grape Ape, Williams Wonder, Lemon Skunk, and Agent Orange! All good pain relievers, and I have lemon, and cherry drops of hard candy that are 10mg of active THC each. And I never hit the road without putting on a Mary's Medicinal patch, those come in THC Indica, CBD Sativa, and a balanced hybrid.

So! I'd like to invite anyone who is pro-legalization to join one, or more of my groups. Send me the non-believers too! But, if you want to join my groups, except for the Education group, everyone else has to send me a friend request first! I'll not compromise my principals for anyone. I've done all the research and I teach the truth and facts! If you're really working for, or adamant about legalization for the medicinal value of the Cannabacaea family, please, I'm always happy to add a new voice to the movement!

So, in closing this chapter in my continuing series for the education of the weediots, send them to me! I'll teach, and show people the safety profile and the medical benefits that the DEA says aren't there! They are there, Jeff Sessions! You're an idiot who has no business doing the same shit that Harry Anslinger did in 1937. It's way past time to get them off their high-horses, or soapboxes, and get down and dirty with the people who know that cannabis has more medicinal value, and a better safety profile than ASPIRIN! You cannot OD on pot! Your brain shuts off the THC receptors if you get too high! But! Got a headache? Take an aspirin? OK, fine! Take 14 of these 'safe' aspirins, and you'll never have another headache, cause you'll be dead! Governmental control over the health care of Americans, and the prohibition of cannabis is the greatest lie, and major disservice to millions of people who can be saved from anything from the common cold, to the plague of the 20th and 21st centuries, cancer!

Facts are truth, and the truth will set you free...Latin, "Veritas vos Liberabit!"

Positive healing vibes from the universe and free marijuana from the prison of ignorance!

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About the author

Richard Huffman

II'm a 56 year old disabled and homebound veteran who has at least 7 different types of chronic pain syndromes and I am now a medical marijuana patient in Arizona who's an activist for the legalization movement for medical cannabis.

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