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Issue #6 Edison Ice Cream Cake Pre-rolls

By Juniper JonesPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Cannabis Crossing
Photo by Testeur de CBD on Unsplash

Welcome back! So, long time no toke!

It’s been a long pull and I am happy to say that I am back with a vengeance!

Cannabis Crossing is still the place to get honest reviews of strains from an insider with a lot of perspective! This is supposed to be informative and a way of dispelling any misconceptions about cannabis in the process.

Honesty and integrity are of the most importance here and I hope that the information provided can help the others out there that are on their own personal journey make firm decisions based on facts and insights given by those that have more experience.

I bring you a friendly and glowing review of Edison’s I.C.C (Ice Cream Cake)!

This strain is beautiful. The smoke was potent, and the taste was exemplary. Consumption method was in Pre-rolls.

Now I was a little skeptical because I got the three half gram doobies on sale, so I wasn’t expecting much. Quel surprise! Wow. Is all I have to say. The strain itself was potent and I could tell from the first toke that I lucked out.

Transported away from the woes of the mundane daily grind these little gems were a pleasant reprieve from the hectic norm. An Indica strain and have to say a medium to heavy hitter when it comes to bat with the other products out there in the market today. The pre-rolls were tightly packed and didn’t run which was a bonus! Which is one of my prerequisites for a good pre-roll.

I was under the impression that the Redecans were the only ones that didn’t run…I was wrong!

Edison! You’ve done it again!

Overall, I have to say that as time has passed I have come to love the Edison brand. It has provided some very nice strains. Potent, and flavourful. I have never regretted purchasing the Edison brand and I look forward to seeing what will be available in the near foreseeable future.

The Edison pre-roll was in a pack of three half grams.

The I.C.C strain had floral notes with a light peppery nose to it. For sure, it will give the consumer the desire to veg and watch some bingeworthy material.

The THC – 22% and the CBD total is .7%

The buzz I would say didn’t last very long for me since I am a seasoned smoker. But, as a veteran of the hemp houses around town I would say that the pre-roll stacked up nicely and I have gone back since to replenish stocks.

The feeling it gave was one of pure relaxation with a hint of indulgence. It was the same feeling I get when I sit down on a chilly night or afternoon and have a sip of hot cocoa. Sitting and relaxing watching the sun dip down past the horizon as I sit on the porch enjoying every minute before bed. Splendid, like rolling myself up like a burrito in a blanket kind of toke.

I give the Edison Pre-Rolls five buds out of five.

The pairing I would have with this one… A glass of water, because whether you are a seasoned smoker like myself or are a green horned little newbie on the scene I can guarantee you that the experience will make you want to cough and cough and cough some more! Really though the pre-rolls are smooth compared to some that I have tried but won’t make think that you are smoking air.

Thank you Edison!

What a dream team to be able to cultivate and make such beautiful combinations of strains to bring about this beauty!



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Juniper Jones

A woman with an inked and indented index finger bent over a keyboard wondering: "Am I really going to do this?"

Writing hopefully will be able to support my renovations.

And to my friends and cohorts: Forgive me. I know naught what I write.

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