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A Guide to Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is probably the most commonly chosen unlawful drug at the best addiction treatment center in Karachi in the states.

By Willing WaysPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Best addiction treatment center in Karachi

Marijuana is probably the most commonly chosen unlawful drug at the best addiction treatment center in Karachi in the states. The use or mindset towards this once labeled “calming medicine” has stayed relatively constant through the years. Since the side effects of Marijuana are a slower progression, countless teenagers and adults alike think that the habit of smoking is, {just that|exactly that} a habit that they can quit at any moment. Regrettably, following merely a period of use, it can develop into a psychological addiction that’s much harder to stop. Many patients are wondering about the treatment of What are Prescription Drugs, and psychologists are telling them the answers to them. Continue reading to learn more concerning the unwanted effects and how you can know if you or someone you adore is addicted to Marijuana.

Effects of Marijuana

People generally smoke Marijuana in devices referred to as a bong, smoked as a joint, or a filled cigar is known as a blunt. The consequences can be pretty diverse based on the person and their own past experiences with the drug. Many people will feel high, relaxed, or jittery, while some remain somewhat unaffected. The majority of Marijuana users experience an overpowering feeling of being hungry and thirsty. What are the impacts of marijuana addiction patient’s families are often asked this question. That’s the reason that the term Marijuana munchies were created. This high or modified state is typically short lived, and the user has to smoke repeatedly to maintain these feelings. There’s a fairly small portion of Marijuana users that have severe anxiety, or paranoia, which may be dangerous as their state of mind and judgment is impacted. Being under the influence may cause physical aggression, clumsiness, or elevated risk taking actions. There are lots of accidents witnessed in the emergency room each day associated with the smoking of Marijuana.

Gateway Drug Scenario

Since numerous teenagers and adults think that Marijuana isn’t that hazardous, the use has always been consistent during the last hundreds of years. What these people do not realize is that over time, a person will have to increase often their usage or perhaps the strength of Marijuana. Sometimes using Marijuana will cause the person to get a lot more interested or feel a larger need to try out some other drugs. Harder drugs for example Methamphetamine, Heroin, or Cocaine can result in more physically addictive drugs causing the problem and addiction to get worse. This is what is known as the Gate Way drug use since it is thought that the “pot” usage leads to the experimentation of more unlawful drugs.

Knowing Addiction When You See It

Being aware of when you or someone that you love is addicted is quite often very hard. It is tough to confess, and so many individuals warrant their behavior, making it even more challenging. There are, however, many indicators that will help individuals assess whether or not an issue exists. Something that may be an absolute indication is the time of use, regularity of service, and just how much the individual depends on their Marijuana use. You can safely presume when a person has been using for a long time, they’re probably addicted. It doesn’t mean that someone that has been using for two weeks is not addicted, but the period does factor into the situation. The quantity or regularity of smoking Marijuana can also help to assess the problem. A person that smokes every six months socially is most likely not addicted since there is such a period of the time frame in between times. More consistent use, such as daily use, can result in greater dependence. This is typical because the person uses their drug as a crutch. They require a Marijuana cigarette because they had a bad day, a stern test, or a fight with their partner, letting them find a reason to get high. As the emotional dependence evolves, the person falls further and further into an addiction. Here are some more things to think about when looking for Marijuana addiction:

Loss of motivation or drive

  • Lack of physical movement or increased sleepiness/drowsy
  • Impaired judgment, such as inappropriate laughing or emotion
  • Reduced concentration
  • Repeated attempts to stop or cut down, which failed
  • Social reduction or isolation from family and friends
  • Justifying usage or becoming defensive about usage

Long Term Effects

Marijuana usage damages many parts of the body. Because it is inhaled, it affects not only the mouth but also the throat, lungs, heart, kidneys, and reproductive system, to name a few. The smoke inhaled can lead to lung cancer, more so than cigarettes. This is because the concentration of carcinogenic hydrocarbons is doubled over cigarettes. Other troubles, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma, have also been linked to Marijuana use. The smoke also places more significant stress on the heart, and if there is a history of heart trouble or high blood pressure, it can be a deadly combination. Usage can also lead to an inhibited production of sperm in the male and ovulation for women, affecting the reproductive system.

Marijuana is a dangerous drug, and while many people feel that occasional use will not lead to an addiction, they could not be more wrong. Though Marijuana is not a solid physical addiction like some of the other drugs, it can still be very addictive. Many professionals believe that emotional or mental addiction is as strong as physical addiction.

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