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70 years old is the "threshold of old age", people in good health, certainly "thousands of men" have 5 things in common when walking

According to statistics, the average life expectancy in the world has increased, people will live longer and longer. But in the minds of some people, living to 70 years old is still not easy. Age 70 is considered an obstacle for the elderly, why does this happen?

By Ken aquariumsPublished 12 days ago 4 min read

Why is age 70 called the "threshold of old age"?

Since ancient times, people living to be 70 years old was a rare thing, 70 years old seemed to be everyone's wish at that time. But today, the average human lifespan is constantly increasing, 70 years old is no longer far away.

However, some statistics show that the physical condition of the elderly will gradually worsen when they reach the age of 70 to 75, and many will even die at this stage. Therefore, age 70 is considered a dangerous period in the life of the elderly. A study conducted by scientists from Cambridge University and published in the prestigious newspaper "Nature" said that people will age extremely quickly after the age of 70.

The study followed the health status of 10 newborns for 81 years. During follow-up, changes in the subjects' blood and bone marrow were analyzed. The results showed that blood cells in the elderly after age 70 differentiate into 10 - 20 stem cells. Meanwhile, these cells in people under 65 years old can differentiate into 20 thousand - 200 thousand stem cells. This phenomenon clearly explains why the human body will suddenly become weaker after the age of 70. We will feel like we are clearly getting older, and diseases caused by aging and pseudo-ageing will also increase significantly.

In 2022, a report published by China's "National Cancer Center" showed that people over 60 years old have a high risk of cancer and also have the highest cancer death rate. In addition to cancer, people over 70 years old are also susceptible to other chronic diseases, physical weakness, poor digestion and absorption. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to call age 70 an obstacle to health in the elderly.

5 signs of good health after age 70

For the elderly, walking is very suitable to do every day, bringing many health benefits. As one of the easiest and most convenient sports, walking can strengthen heart and lung function, improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. When walking, our body's activities also reflect our health. If you have the following symptoms when walking, it proves that your health is very good.

1. Steady pace

When walking, the pace of movement is normal, the steps are steady, not in a hurry, not limping, not scissoring, that is healthy.

2. Stable respiration

When walking, having a stable breathing rate and no symptoms of difficulty breathing will help you determine your health status. If you feel short of breath or your skin turns purple when walking, you may be suffering from lung disease.

3. Legs don't hurt:

Detoxification therapy for the body

When walking, you do not feel pain in your feet or twitching in your legs. This shows that your knee joint function is very good, a sign that you can live a long life.

When walking, you do not feel pain in your feet or twitching in your legs. This shows that your knee joint function is very good, a sign that you can live a long life.

4. Do not feel any discomfort in the heart : Learn more about cardiology

Cardiovascular health is very important for the elderly. If when you walk you do not feel pain in the chest or your heart rate increases, it proves that your cardiovascular function is still very good.

5. Moderate speed

Walking speed is also one of the indicators that reflect health, it is often said that people who walk fast will live longer. But elderly people cannot walk at too fast a speed and must choose a speed that is suitable for their physical condition.

4 things you should do if you want to be healthy and live a long life

In addition to walking and exercising appropriately, you should also do some of the following things every day to maintain your health and prolong your life.

1. Nutritional balance: See more specifics

Pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet, especially high-quality protein supplements. Elderly people can reasonably eat a lot of foods from fish, eggs, and milk. They should not only eat vegetarian food, otherwise it will easily lead to malnutrition.

2. Continue exercising depending on your health situation: See more specifics

Elderly people should exercise appropriately depending on their physical condition. Exercise can help improve cardiopulmonary function and maintain weight. Be careful to only practice within your ability, don't force yourself.

3. Control underlying diseases and use medications appropriately: See more specifics

For the elderly, when suffering from a chronic disease, you must actively coordinate with your doctor to control the condition, take medicine regularly and in sufficient quantity, and do not arbitrarily increase or decrease the dose or stop taking the medicine.

4. Keep good living habits and maintain a happy and optimistic mood :See more specifics

Whether the elderly can live long or not depends mainly on their own living habits and related factors. Don't be too afraid to think that age 70 will be an obstacle in your life. If you keep good habits from now on, you can definitely live a long life.

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