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2020 Ultimate Guide to Incorporating CBD Into Your Daily Routine

Best Ways To incorporating CBD Oil into Your Daily Routine To Leverage Its Effectiveness

By Rose GuentherPublished 4 years ago 10 min read

CBD chocolates, CBD tinctures, CBD for pets -- there are countless different CBD products available these days. Don’t get me wrong -- it’s great! So what exactly is it? Plus, how can you and why would you actually start using it on a daily basis?

What is CBD?

CBD, scientifically known as cannabidiol, comes from cannabis and hemp plants. Both plants alike produce small amounts of CBD (a cannabinoid) alongside +/-108 other cannabinoids including THC, which we’ll talk about a bit later.

CBD is one of the most well known cannabinoids, though it was only recently put into the spotlight. It is known for the way it interacts with the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) in our bodies, and it’s thanks to this interaction that it is now so popular.

How is CBD Obtained?

CBD is usually obtained through an extraction process called ‘supercritical CO2 extraction’. First, the oils are extracted from the whole plants, and then experts use state-of-the-art technology to separate CBD from other cannabinoids.

Different Types of CBD and How They Become CBD Oil ?

The first is CBD in its purest form called ‘CBD Isolate’, which is 99.9+% pure CBD and nothing more. CBD Isolate comes in many forms including liquid, crystals, wax, or diluted in a carrier oil. It is very versatile and very potent, and so many people prefer it for these reasons.

The second option is called ‘Broad Spectrum CBD’ and this version not only contains CBD, but it also contains other cannabinoids native to hemp and cannabis plants. However, Broad Spectrum CBD never contains THC.

The third option is ‘Full Spectrum CBD’ which is very similar to Broad Spectrum CBD, but it is extracted from the whole plant, and also contains very small amounts of THC in it. Full Spectrum CBD can show up on a drug test, but it cannot make you high or produce any psychoactive effects.

All three of these types of CBD can be transformed into CBD Oil (or any other type of CBD product). All experts need to do is obtain their preferred type of CBD, and add it to a carrier oil, which is often hemp oil, organic olive oil, or organic coconut oil (MCT).

CBD vs THC and Their Relationship with the Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System is a very interesting system in our bodies. It is responsible for a plethora of functions essential to our bodies such as appetite, sleep cycles, memory, and even fertility and reproduction!

This system has receptors throughout our bodies called CB1 and CB2 receptors. These are responsible for interacting and processing different cannabinoids that enter our bodies, and that’s when CBD and THC become very different things.

CBD interacts directly with CB2 receptors which are found throughout our bodies in places such as in our white cells, within the first few layers of our skin, and in our livers. This allows CBD to interact with your entire ECS without producing any psychoactive effects.

THC, on the other hand, interacts with our CB1 receptors. These receptors are mostly found in the brain, and when they come in contact with THC, psychoactive effects are produced, and that’s what makes you feel high after consuming THC-rich products such as THC edibles or joints.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that very small amounts of THC are incapable of producing a high, and therefore many countries and states have laws that prevent CBD products from containing any more than a certain amount of THC (usually less than 0.2% to 0.3% THC).

How Does CBD Affect You?

CBD can affect different people in different ways. Many people claim it helps them go to sleep faster and sleep better through the night. Others claim it helps them deal with joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, and even headaches and migraines.

Other people use CBD to help them concentrate on their daily tasks, feel more relaxed, regulate emotions and stress levels, and so much more. CBD is also used as a topical for things such as dry skin, rough patches, or even sore muscles.

Is CBD Oil Easy to Use? How Can I Take It?

CBD Oil is incredibly easy to use. It comes in different presentations that allow everyone to use it in the way that best suits them. When it comes to actually measuring out a dose of CBD and taking it, you’ll need to:

Measure a dose of CBD. There are many ways to know your CBD dosage, and it is also often indicated on the CBD oil’s packaging.

Put it under your tongue and wait around 30 - 45 seconds. This way, the CBD begins to break down before it even goes through your digestive system, making it easier for your body to digest it and start using it.

Swallow the CBD oil. If you find the taste unpleasant, you can always wash it down with water, a flavoured drink, or even a bite of food.

Depending on the CBD percentage of your CBD Oil, and your daily CBD goal, you can repeat this process throughout the day or whenever you feel it will be most beneficial. However, you should stay within a 100mg CBD daily limit, since that’s just about how much your body can fully process. This doesn’t mean you should take this much, it just means not to take more.

Is CBD Legal to Use?

If you’re not sure whether CBD is legal to use in your country, you should definitely do some research. Of course, chances are that you wouldn’t be able to buy it from big, reputable brands if it wasn’t, so there’s that.

However, if you’re curious about the legality of CBD in your country or state, you can always do some research and confide in trusted sources that have recent and updated information. That way you can rest easy and know you can take CBD comfortably and legally!

What are the Benefits of Using CBD Oil?

CBD oil is arguably one of the most convenient ways of taking CBD. It is very easy to take, as it can be done in less than a minute; it is very easy to transport; it is long-lasting depending on the carrier used; and it is overall very easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Different studies shows that, CBD has been known to help people deal with all kinds of pain such as pain caused by arthritis, multiple sclerosis, joint and muscle strains, and minor injuries. Other benefits of CBD include stress and anxiety relief, help with insomnia, and even better heart health!

CBD oil has another secret weapon up its sleeve, and that is that it can have long-lasting effects, since it has to go through the digestive system. Actually, many people prefer it because they can take a medium to high dose and enjoy the effects throughout the day.

Another great benefit of CBD is that it is the perfect way to build up your CBD dosage. There are CBD oils low in CBD and CBD oils high in CBD and everything in between. If you’re just starting out your CBD journey, don’t lose patience -- you’ll build your CBD dosage up in no time with CBD oil!

Does CBD Oil Have Side Effects? If So, Which Ones?

One must treat CBD oil as they would a fine chocolate. Why? Because CBD oil can be quite rich, and therefore has been reported by some to cause effects such as stomach ache, nausea, and even vomiting if taken in excess.

On that note, if you’re new to CBD, you should be conscious of the dosage at which you begin your CBD journey. It’s highly recommended to start at a low dosage (such as 5-10% CBD) and working your way up to higher dosages.

This will ensure that your body gets used to CBD slowly but surely, and that you won’t experience side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, or nausea, which some people have reported feeling.

Also, not so much a side effect but an effect in general, Full Spectrum CBD may cause you to fail a drug test. This is because this Full Spectrum CBD contains trace amounts THC and it may be detected in a test. Therefore, if you’re subject to drug tests, you might want to take CBD Isolate or Broad Spectrum CBD to stay safe

How to Incorporate CBD Into Your Daily Routine ?

Here are some easy ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, whether you’re a CBD newbie or a CBD veteran:

Take it orally - this is the method most recommended by CBD companies, since it is the most straightforward way of taking CBD, and it can be quite easy to do it throughout the day. There are many ways to do this which include taking CBD oil sublingually, taking CBD capsules, using water soluble CBD in water, and so many more fun ways!

Add it to your food or drinks - CBD oil is very easy to mix into your favorite food/drink recipes, though it is recommended to add it to food once the recipe is made (since it has quite a low boiling point and can lose potency at higher temperatures). There are also many amazing CBD foods that come already prepared, such as little CBD snack packs and CBD dips and sauces; and there are even some places that sell CBD food right off the menu!

Make your own CBD edibles - CBD edibles are a great way to add CBD into your daily routine, and there are so many amazing CBD edibles on the market. But if you want to try your hand at CBD edibles, it’s super easy and there are many good recipes available just for you. One of the funnest ways to make CBD edibles is by making your own CBD chocolates, CBD gummies, or even CBD jelly treats. That way you can both look forward to a daily little treat and your daily CBD intake all in one!

Use it topically - you can easily rub CBD oil into your skin for a hydrating and enhancing experience.If you’re set on using CBD topically, you should pick a CBD oil with a carrier that is good for your skin such as organic olive oil, hemp oil, or avocado oil! What’s more is that you can make your own DIY CBD topicals such as salves and balms. All you need to do is gather the oils and butters you want to use, collect the CBD you would like to add, and even add some essential oils for fragrance and an extra kick. It’s simple, quick, and actually quite fun!

Make DIY CBD cosmetics - you can easily add CBD oil to your skincare routine or your hair care routine. Just add a few drops to any liquid/gel/cream product and make sure you mix it up well before using it. Another way to do this is by making your own CBD cosmetics from scratch. You can try your hand at a CBD lip balm or lip tint, you could check recipes for a good natural CBD serum or hydrating oil, or you could even make your own CBD-infused spot treatment for blemishes. It’s much easier than it may seem, and you’ll be able to enjoy both making and using the products!

Add CBD oil to your relaxing baths - just like you can add essential oils to your baths for a nicer experience, you can also add CBD oil. You can even add both CBD oil and essential oils into your bath for a well balanced bathtime. There is another way to add it to your baths, and that is with CBD bath salts or bath bombs. You can either buy them and use them whenever you want to chill in your bath, or you can also make your own and have full authority over what goes into them! Either way, you’re in for an amazing bathtime.

As you can see, CBD oil is one of the best and easiest ways to take CBD on a daily basis, and it’s also incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Make sure to have fun with it and make your CBD experience your own, and enjoy your CBD oil to the fullest!


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