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10 Unconventional Drive Thru Services

A new drive thru is in town, and it'll make your motor run! Check out why cannabis aficionados are happy about this new way to shop.

By Skunk UzekiPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Drive thru retail is as much a part of American culture as apple pie, fireworks, and angry political debates. It's not quite sure why this is the case. It could be the convenience, the quirkiness of it, or just the fact that it's a simple way to hang out in a car while actually getting things done.

Whatever the reason is, there are many things you can get from drive thrus. Here's some good examples of things you can obtain via drive thrus, and why drive thrus are becoming a favorite among potheads - as if they weren't already.


No, we're not talking about the shady drug dealers who will deliver weed if you ask for a special menu item at McDonald's. Colorado is now poised to open up the first-ever drive thru marijuana shop. Convenience and cannabis! It's a beautiful thing!

Fast Food

Who, when confronted with the munchies, has not enjoyed a drive thru trip to Taco Bell? For some reason, when you smoke up, fast food somehow tastes better when you're eating in your car. I speak from experience. Can I get an amen here?

Car Washes

Have you ever had the luxury of going through a car wash while high? It's magical, simply magical. All those brushes pressing up against the window, the weird mechanical hum of the tracks, the colorful swirl of different soaps and waxes...

If you haven't done it, you need to do it. Your car will be spotless and you will be amazed at how fun it is.


Yes, it's true. Drive-in movies still exist, and it's as fun as you'd expect them to be. Most of these theatres tend to screen retro movies that are awesome to watch while high. Our biggest suggestion? See if you can get a drive thru screening of Reefer Madness.

Oh, and this movie set up allows you to smoke while watching the movie. Win!


If you have other medications you take, you might as well pop by a drive thru pharmacy to get them. It's not necessarily the most fun thing ever, but you never know. Maybe you might be able to find cannabis there in a couple of years.


While you should never drink and drive, there's nothing wrong with hitting up a drive thru to pick up a bottle of vodka to make cannabis-infused drinks with. Multiple states now allow drive thru liquor stores, so by all means, check to see if this is legal around you.

Facetime With Animals

Did you know that multiple parks currently offer drive thru zoos and safaris? Yes, it's true. We imagine it must be a real trip to do while smoked up. However, it's worth noting that you shouldn't throw roaches out the window as the animals might eat them and get high. Drugging animals isn't legal or ethical.

Marriage Certificates

It's hard to believe, but it's actually a legit thing. You can get a drive thru wedding in Las Vegas. If you get baked enough to actually do this, though, we're not sure you were smoking weed alone.


If you're really hardcore into the concept of drive thrus, or just want to be weirdly morbid while on a stoner road trip, you can check out the drive thru funeral home in Tennessee. If you're local, you might also be able to make some money by betting unknowing people on its existence.


We're going to say it, pot has a very distinct aroma - one that not everyone seems to be cool with. If you live with a pot-averse person at home, you might want to go to a drive thru laundromat before you head home from your insane pothead drive thru excursion.

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