10 Trippy Gifts for People Who Love Acid

Finding gifts for people who love acid can be difficult, especially when you don't know what they're seeing. Trippy gifts will be sure to keep their vibes positive though.

10 Trippy Gifts for People Who Love Acid

I love doing acid. Acid is kind of my thing. It's how I unwind, how I help steer myself into a positive direction, and how I make myself feel better after a brutal week of work. It's my sweet escape, and a nice vacation from reality.

As a fan of LSD, I can tell you that it can have some pretty awesome effects. Having the right toys in your arsenal, meanwhile, can improve your overall trip. That's why I, along with many other regular acid users, enjoy receiving trippy gifts that work well with trips.

The thing is, you need to have a gift that works well with an acid trip. Something too gloomy may put someone in a bad trip. Something that is filled with words might not be useful at all.

Getting the right gift for your favorite psychonaut can be difficult, especially if you haven't tripped before. Here are my picks for fun acid trip-ready gifts.

One of the easiest-to-find trippy gifts on the net is the perennially popular, trippy poster. When searching for a good poster for your favorite fan, it's important to remember what people who enjoy acid tend to see when they put that little paper tab in their mouths.

Most of the time, low doses of acid will make you see colors shift slightly, and you will see shapes seemingly bend or "dance" on top of one another. The more colors your artwork has, the more pronounced the trip will be. The more shapes the artwork has, the better your friend's trip will be.

This poster avoids the hackneyed geometric designs of old school hippie posters, but still gives you a beautiful fantasy landscape they'll enjoy, sober or otherwise.

Though I'm personally a fan of trippy landscape posters, I'd be foolish if I didn't point out that some people really, truly adore watching geometric patterns while tripping on LSD. This handmade clock is a great alternative to a not-very-discreet geometrically shaped poster.

I mean, look at it. It's handmade, wooden, and also happens to be elegant enough to fit in a regular home without having anyone raise any eyebrows.

If you've ever been on a hallucinogen, then you already know how well they unlock your imagination and creativity. Most people who regularly drop acid have a tendency to reach for art supplies while they trip just for that reason.

Gareth Hovey's High Visions coloring book is a smash hit among psychonauts of all kinds. The entire book is filled with strange creatures, surreal landscapes, and cool mandalas. The pages themselves are highly detailed, which means that you will get hours of coloring time from every book. If your friend is already well-versed in what microdosing is, they are going to love this gift.

Let's say that your friend has a home where they really have to make sure that their "after school activities" aren't noticed by others. If you want to instantly turn your home into an LSD-ready wonderland, it's best to get a light that can be tucked away when not in use.

Ohuhu's compact Ocean Wave Night Light Projector and Music Player turns your home into a beautiful underwater playground—complete with the music of your choice. Its tranquil vibes will help calm down people who are having a bad trip, all while remaining one of the most comfortably trippy gifts you can buy for a good one.

Artist Luigi Serafini is known for making one of the most trippy books in existence. Since its creation, The Codex Seraphinianeus has become one of the most mysterious books ever written—at least, if you believe internet lore.

The book itself is filled to the brim with extremely surreal illustrations and narrations that are written in a language Serafini himself developed. No one seems to be able to translate it, which is fine. Serafini himself wanted others to get meaning from it as they see fit.

If that doesn't say "LSD-ready," I don't know what does.

If there's one thing that feels amazing during an acid trip, it's soaking into a bath bomb as you watch colors explode in the water. I ought to know, because it's one of my favorite ways to wind down from a wild trip. It's literally good, clean fun.

These massive bath bombs come in a large gift box, and let you choose the kind of colors you get to see. Better still, each bath bomb is chock-full of skin nourishing goodies. You'll feel amazing after you give it a try.

If there's one movie that has become inextricably linked to acid, it's Alice in Wonderland. This movie has captivated audiences for decades, is one of the top movies to watch stoned, and still remains incredibly enjoyable when you're hitting the peak of your acid trip.

Speaking as a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, getting your friend a copy of this classic movie always remains one of the best trippy gifts you can offer.

Sometimes, it's not about the toys you have during your trip. Rather, it is often about learning how much you have in common with others. Acid Heroes is a memoir written by an acid head who was alive during the 60s, and was one of the first people to really delve into LSD use.

The book involves amazing insight into major LSD icons like the Beatles, Hunter S. Thompson, and Ram Dass—and might actually help you gain insight about the current culture of psychonautism today.

Did you ever wonder how acid came to be in the first place? Or why 4/21 is called "Bicycle Day?" Martin A. Lee's smash hit book Acid Dreams can offer up all the answers that you've been looking for.

Acid Dreams is currently the most comprehensive guide to the history of LSD and psychedelics. Written as a deeply entertaining story, the book has become somewhat iconic among drug users.

With everything from the hidden CIA-based origins of the drug all the way to the amazing impact it made on the Flower Generation, this book will be one of the wildest rides you ever took—no acid required.

Though most people would assume otherwise, the majority of acid heads are somewhat geeky in nature. This is doubly true when it comes to their interest in chemistry. This neat little necklace shows you the chemical makeup of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or as you know it, LSD.

It's a high quality pendant that comes in a variety of different finishes. That being said, this is one of the more subtle trippy gifts that you won't have to worry about dealing with judgement from by others.

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