10 Signs Your Kid Will Be a Stoner

by Cato Conroy 2 years ago in culture

A longtime stoner talks about the signs your kid will be a stoner—and explains why that's not a bad thing.

10 Signs Your Kid Will Be a Stoner

Most parents do not want to hear that their kids are using drugs, even if it's something as harmless as cannabis. In most cases, being a future drug user could be construed as a sign that your kid may end up an opioid statistic or that they could be arresting for selling or using drugs.

With cannabis though, it could be a sign that they are a free thinker who has a healthy interest in natural wellness. Cannabis is about to be legal, and that means that the stigma is finally vanishing and that people are beginning to embrace it the way they should.

Speaking as a pothead, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having a kid who's a future stoner. It's actually a good thing. Wondering if your kid will be a stoner in the future? Watch for these telltale signs.

They are naturally curious.

Cannabis users tend to be more inquisitive than others. This makes sense when you take into account how many cannabis users started smoking out of curiosity.

If your kiddo asks what it's like to smoke a joint, or asks what it's like to be an adult, there's a pretty good chance your kid will be a stoner when they get a bit older.

They're the life of a party.

It's no secret that weed and partying tend to go together like peanut butter and jelly. If your child is very popular and has an active interest in music, then they are actually in a prime position to become involved in cannabis use.

There's a reason why party animals are notorious for their love of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. If your child seems like they'll be a party animal by the time they hit college, expect them to be a pothead by high school.

You definitely notice they have an artsy side to them.

Cannabis is a favorite drug of choice among artists and musicians, primarily because THC tends to spur on creativity thanks to the giddy "high" it offers up, and how weed affects your five senses. If you know anything about the history of cannabis use in America, you already knew this.

After all, it was actually the artist community that kept cannabis use alive and well prior to the 60s. That artsy love has continued on well into the modern age, which is why it's still one of the most common scents on art school campuses.

At times, they have a rebellious streak to them.

Though a lot of potheads might hate me for saying this, it's the truth. Stoners tend to have a slightly rebellious streak in them—or, at times, are downright delinquent when it comes to their behavior.

Because rebels tend to be more interested in drug use in general, seeing some junior rebellion is definitely a good indicator that they'll be interested in trying cannabis.

Cannabis is still illegal and smoking it is still (unfortunately) a criminal act. You technically have to rebel in order to be a stoner.

Your child tends to think for themselves.

The interesting thing that you'll notice about people who smoke pot is that they tend to be very individualistic when it comes to their thoughts. They do not accept explanations without proof, rules without reason, or the classic, "Because I said so!"

Cannabis users are constantly questioning the status quo and asking themselves what the real reasons behind rules are. That openminded behavior is what empowers them to come up with their own conclusions about cannabis—and life in general.

As a result, your kid is a future stoner if they have a knack for thinking for themselves. This is a really, really good thing!

They enjoy being mellow.

Most people are totally cool with relaxing, but stoners tend to take it to another level. They are the type of people who tend to be calm and chill, regardless of what happens.

From what I've personally seen, most stoners were like that way before they discovered weed. The ones that weren't tend to enjoy weed primarily because it helps them kick back and go with the flow; a telltale sign you're a natural pothead, for sure.

Your child already likes a lot of stoner-y things.

You probably already know your kid will be a stoner in the future when you see them enjoying things that are linked to cannabis use. It's a matter of like attracts like, and just having that kind of energy already in their lives.

If you see your child adoring Taco Bell runs, watching That 70s Show, listening to classic 60s rock, and enjoying the trippy books that are perfect for stoners, you can expect them to enjoy cannabis sooner rather than later.

They already hold a very, very strong interest in music.

One of the things I have personally noticed about potheads, particularly younger potheads, is that they are very serious about their music. This is doubly true if your kiddo seems to be deeply interested in classic rock, electronica, hip hop, or reggae.

Music and cannabis go very well together, often to the point that smoking weed could be considered a cornerstone of music culture. If your kiddo has a serious love of music, chances are they'll eventually fall in love with Mary Jane, too.

You know that they are very sensitive.

Don't ask me why, but all of the most sensitive souls I've ever met were potheads. Maybe it's the stress that comes with having a soft heart, or maybe it's just the nature of being a free spirit, but cannabis has a pull to sensitive people that's very hard to explain.

Either way, people who tend to be gentle spirits that need a lot of love tend to be stoners. This isn't a bad thing, since they often find a very mellow, supportive community through cannabis use.

Like parents, like children, right? Parents who smoke marijuana tend to have kids who smoke pot. This is because parents who are stoners give their kids a more balanced view of cannabis, which in turn, gives them a better idea of whether or not pot is right for them.

Honestly, this kind of parenting is really good for kids, simply because it teaches them moderation, the use of air fresheners, and the importance of using eye drops for those red eyes. If you think your kid will be a stoner, it might just be because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Cato Conroy
Cato Conroy
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