10 Changes I Noticed in Myself When Switching From Painkillers to Marijuana

by Crystal Sasso about a year ago in health

I am sure I am not the only person out there anxiously waiting for marijuana to be legal everywhere.

10 Changes I Noticed in Myself When Switching From Painkillers to Marijuana

I am sure I am not the only person out there anxiously waiting for marijuana to be legal everywhere. I think there are so many good benefits to it and it is definitely healthier than painkillers. The funny thing is that if you were to ask me 10 years ago, I would have been majorly against this. I didn't know much back then. Not everyone's body works the same, so the following things on this list are not a guaranteed side effect. Here are 10 differences I have noticed in myself and my body since I switched from painkillers to marijuana.

1. Sleeping Better

One of the biggest issues I had with painkillers was that they would keep me up all night. Sometimes, I would be up for a few days straight. I always felt horrible and many times the medication made my nausea worse.

2. Better Orgasms

I know it definitely doesn't work this way for everyone (I am sure everyone wishes it did!), but I seem to have better orgasms while I am high. I have a feeling it has to do with feeling so open and free after taking some. It's like I am completely opened to what I am feeling. I can completely let loose.

I also experience orgasms more frequently as well as longer. These orgasms feel like a chain reaction and I just feel so relaxed. I wish everyone could experience this, just so they could feel what I feel.

3. Lower Mood Swing Frequency

Since everything else seems to be falling into place, it would only make sense that my moods would fare better. I am a much more pleasant person to be around. I am also able to control my mood swings and know when to cool it. (Most of the time)

4. Less Stress

My stress levels have majorly decreased. Things are easier for me and I can relax a lot easier. This helps me conserve my energy and feel generally happy!

5. Deeper Thinking

I feel like my body reaches a certain celestial plane of thought after ingesting or smoking marijuana. I do better on my video games and I also have a much more clear thought on things and understand movies and anything else put in front of me at a different level than before. It is like everything slows down so I understand it better.

6. Lower Appetite

This one is really awesome for me, especially as someone overweight who has several medical issues. (My weight gain is from other factors than eating unhealthy. I actually eat pretty healthily on most days. But that is another story for another time.) Anyway, the whole lower appetite is really helpful still. I am including this one mostly to show that any type of medication, whether it be natural or manufactured, can affect different people in different ways. Most people who use marijuana have a larger appetite.

7. Less Headaches and Migraines

Okay. One of my biggest issues is that I get horrible headaches daily and a few times a month (sometimes more) I get migraines. When my head isn't pounding, I can do so much more. Migraines are horrible, so to be able to actually get rid of the pain is awesome.

Migraine medications don't really help me. So this is my final option. When I say "final," I mean I have tried pretty much everything else. I have gotten Lasik because bad eyesight is one of the things that can cause migraines. I have even had a few of my back teeth pulled because dental problems is another migraine effector. None of those things worked. I am happy to have finally found a resolution.

8. Actually Lowers My Pain Levels

With prescription painkillers, they don't even cover my pain a little. Instead, they just make me less aware of it. That might be hard to understand, but it's the case. Which means I end up taking way more than needed.

Marijuana doesn't just make my pain go away, it also lasts more than just a few hours for me. So I am able to enjoy life more and not have to sit in bed dealing with horrible pain all day all the time.

9. Lower Nausea

Nausea affects my life more often than not. I deal with it on a daily basis and sometimes it is so overwhelming that I can't even talk. Luckily, when I smoke Marijuana, it helps nausea right away. This allows me to eat and move around. Otherwise, I would be throwing up everywhere!

10. Less Chance of an Overdose

This is the main reason I am writing about this. I am not sure how many of you have taken prescription medications, but if you have then you know that the effects aren't fun. Yes, they might give you a feeling of being high, but people can't always remember everytime they have taken a pill. This leads to one of the biggest reasons people overdose. The pills make you feel so loopy that you can't quite comprehend what is going on.

When I was on painkillers, I couldn't always remember taking one. And sometimes, I would still take more because the pain was still there after taking the recommended dose. I am very lucky I am even still alive.

Now, I know people say you can't overdose on Marijuana, but I believe if you can overdose on water, then you can overdose on MJ. You might end up taking so much, you don't know what you are doing exactly. But, there is still less chance of that happening as opposed to taking too many painkillers.

Overall, I am happier ever since I made the switch. I feel like everything in life is falling into place. I just wish that Marijuana was legal everywhere. I think we would see a decrease in several different health categories and an increase in people feeling happier and being happier.

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