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Your Name Is Here

by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 5 months ago in performance poetry
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An Attempt at a Free Form Poem Using Every Letter of the UK Alphabet

Your Name Is

Your Name Is Here

I thought I would try to write a poem using every letter of the standard United Kingdom alphabet , which would mean every letter of your name appears in it. Yes it is slightly contrived but a fun thing to do , and hope everyone tries to catch me out.

This is a very free form poem but hopefully it entertains and. No one finds anything amiss


I know your name
From A to Zed
Or is there an aitch?
Back and Forth
Through our Alphabet
Building Words , Poems and Stories
Like an IKEA Flat pack
Or a Lego Kit
Why did I White this?
An Excellent Diversion
Just a few questions
To be answered
Every word scrutinised
More or Less
My Muse Is Here
To Inspire Me
If you can't find yours
Mine Is Mike , Mick , Michael
Francis , Frank
And My Muse is . ….


performance poetry

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