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You Were There

Mimi's Poem

By Steven RicePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Sister and Brother Dance on Wedding Day

You Were There

Sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and baby spit-up...

You were there.

First day jitters, first words that were read, and playing house...

You were there.

School dances, honor roll, and classroom drama...

You were there.

Taking the stage, projects due, and math tests…

You were there.

Losing mom, crying for hours, and feeling lost…

You were there.

Adulting, applying face masks, and laughter on our couch…

You were there.

Heartbreak, finding true love, and walking me down the aisle…

You were there.

All the major things in life and you were there.

Every time I needed to call to chat and you were there.

Any time I needed to put fear in someone who had done me wrong and you were there.

The battles I could not fight, you were there and fought for me.

The scars I got emotionally and physically, you were there to kiss away the pain.

The times I showed you tough love, you were there and still stood by my side.

It pained me to see you that way.

I wanted to take your pain away.

Funny how the tables turned.

I was now hopeless in helping you return.

Every step and breath I shall take, you will still be there.

When I cry and feel down, you will still be there.

While laughing at funny memories, you will still be there.

I strive to make you proud.

I will raise you up.

I keep you close to me.

I know if you had it your way, this would not be.

Just remember,

When I look up to the sky…

When I lay in bed thinking of you…

When I sing your song…

When I watch your movie…

When I eat your favorite meal…

When I wish you "happy birthday"…

You were there, still are here, and will always be with me.

In Loving Memory of Amanda "Mimi" Chancey

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Steven Rice

Growing up I had many visions of what I wanted to be when I grew up. At times I was relentless on becoming a Power Ranger or a writer. After twenty-nine years, the path that seems most obtainable is becoming a writer.

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