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You've arrived

by Blaine Lindsey about a year ago in fact or fiction
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at the illusion-filled center of a karma pop!

You've arrived at the illusion-filled center of a karma pop!

How many lives did it take?

I'd bet your soul had a sweet tooth to seek truth..

I'd bet your wrapper has a star on it..

but I've already played my hand

in a daydream of royal flushes.

You've arrived at the house of cards!

Careful, one right move could shake the foundation..

If you breathe deeply

it might all fall down. But please, do...

My tired poker face just cant compete with all the jesters.

You've arrived at the Queens Garden!

Please don't smell the roses yet, paint is drying, mus'nt ruin.

Bring a chipped one, though, as evidence to the trial in which you're tried.

Show the court how set the stage is, how fake the play is, how old the game.

But, see, this jury of your inner crew is a tough one to convince.

You've arrived at the witness stand! Or to the meditation pillow..

Or to the psychedelic mushroom patch....

Do you swear to saysooth, search for whole truth, and try for nothing but

the truth, so help you Goddess?

I Do

fact or fiction

About the author

Blaine Lindsey

Blaine Lindsey is a living love poem. Born in Vallejo, California. Queer spoken word poet with a stutter. Blaine's work speaks from the soul with compelling metaphors, emotional connections, societal observations and spiritual underlines.

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