You Took Everything

by Crissy DXCII 2 months ago in heartbreak

Not Anymore

You Took Everything

I threw my whole heart into this thing.

I gave you my body and my soul.

My mistake was giving you everything.

Now what?

What am I suppose to do?

There’s no string attached, my life line you cut.

You took it all without thinking twice.

You ain’t even a gentleman.

You ain’t even nice.

I guess I was just looking for a blessing.

You sucked me dry.

I realized you were a curse the moment you started undressing.

You constantly ignored my concerns.

I hurt myself cooking for you.

Still you had the audacity to dismiss my burns.

It’s time to think about myself.

It’s time to take back what I blindly gave away.

I see clearly now and I’ll be putting myself first from today.

Crissy DXCII
Crissy DXCII
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