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You Loved Another

by Kim.D. 2 months ago in heartbreak
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A Heartbreak

It Hurt, But I'm Glad It's Over

I used to miss you,

always after I kissed you.

Now it's like you're not there,

not here, or anywhere.

You loved another,

though I thought we loved each other

I used to miss you,

even though I should've never loved you.

You left your ghost,

and I had loved you most.

I want a world without you,

and a heart that could forget you.

I'd like to have never met you,

especially that day I kissed you.

I don't want you here,

not there, or anywhere.

You loved another,

but you really didn't know each other.

We were supposed to be together,

but I'm glad it wasn't forever.


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