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You don’t love me

I don’t know what this is

By SemaraPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
You don’t love me
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

What is this cruel mockery of love

That you call love

Which compelled you to place me as the Sun of your sky

Only to backtrack and dismiss me as just another star

(Your good mornings are now good evenings)

Is it not enough that my light sustains all life on the Earth?

(You used to walk me to my car)

Perhaps you imagine yourself in another solar system; one with brighter stars

(You said you would wait till I was ready)

I don’t recognize your love

(The glaring silence when I asked what you love about me)

The love I know cherishes

(My sisters hold me up when I’m weary)

The love I know is consistent

(My mom always asks if I made it home alright)

The love I know warms me

(My aunties beam when they speak of me)

It is an honor to love me

(You spent Christmas with my family, but now we are getting too serious)

What do you feel for me?

I don’t know but it does not feel like any love I’ve known

I am scared to tell you I love you

Scared that I do love you

Because my love will overfill your cup

But I suspect your well is dry

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