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you cannot quit

by faye 8 months ago in sad poetry
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this is for your eyes only

read it when you are happy sad or lonely

keep it safe and hold it closely

skim it or read each word slowly

ready to let these tables start turning

my attention goes to you. i am just here observing

let’s talk about you

a stranger that i wish i knew

how was your day?

i hope it was okay

even though you might not be able to tell

congratulate yourself on doing so well

here you are standing

do you feel like ranting?

what stresses do you currently face?

it is possible to press pause or erase?

pick up that pen and start writing out your dreams

the finish line is closer than it seems

i refuse to let you quit

so close you can almost touch it

sad poetry

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a poet🧜🏽‍♀️

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