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You and Me

for someone who has lost a mother

By Alexis RobersonPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

You and Me

A team they would say

Nothing could stand in our way

I catch myself reminscing about the days

We would sing and dance in the hallways

To our play fights

You remember those right?

You and Me

We had big things planned

Now I stand alone with those dreams in hand

I hope you're proud of my accomplishments and what I've done

I can hear you now screaming out loud

"That's my sweet-pea"

In your voice that makes me feel complete

I will forever be your sweet-pea

As you will forever be the greatest mom this world has ever seen

It will always be

You and Me

sad poetry

About the Creator

Alexis Roberson

I may be young but I have experienced a lot pain, happiness, and growth. This is my safe place that I am welcoming you in, hop on and enjoy the ride (:

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