by Marie Poteat 4 months ago in love poems

A Poem


So savage .. but I know your pain

So sweet like when you touch me and I utter your name

Strong mind convinced that emotions make you weak but you make me weak.. in the knees..

Got me wondering do you love me ?

I tend to overthink things I should overlook

But if it was a choice

I don’t want to argue

I speak with a lot of power in my voice because of the passion

Baby girlllll people are just a distraction and I’m focused on me

but I still wanna bless you with babies

We fuss and we fight but I still wanna be your wife.

Crazy right ?

Love on the line with my life on my mind

Although I think about you.

When it comes to business and pleasure I know how to separate the two.

love poems
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Marie Poteat

Ever since the 4th grade poetry has been an outlet of expression and creation that I just couldn’t sway away from. I’ve been writing all my life I just never had the courage to share it with anybody.. so I hope you enjoy. 

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