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Twilight or Wonderland


Unable to find sleep

I laid wide awake

tossing and turning

only one thought on my mind.

That night at midnight

the only person

I wanted was the very one

just out of my reach.

I reached to hold

a hand that wasn’t there,

a hand I wanted to be there.

The thought of you

wanting you, next to me,

holding me, kissing me,

against me, with me

wasn’t enough.

Just enough

to keep me awake

not enough

to make it real.

I laid all night

in a lonely bed

bright eyed, mesmerized

thinking of you

remembering every detail

your smile, your laugh

your touch, your body

replaying everything we’d done

every memory, every word

over and over again

feeling it again

like the first time

wishing it were real

wishing you were here

and not there

from oceans away

missing you, loving you

not finding rest,

only finding you.

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