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Yo Melanin

Melanin Poetry

By Ma’at CC 𓁧 Published about a year ago 2 min read
Love Thyself

This is a Poem from my first book from my First Book “Melanin Writings” Non-Fiction Revolutionary Poetry - Check out my full book collection here: www.XByCC.com/Collections/Books

Yo Melanin 🖤☀️

Yo Melanin is Poppin!

It’s the opposite of worst.

Yo Melanin is necessary,

And important In & To this Universe!

So Yes, Yo Melanin is the Best!

It’s Literally Superior to the rest!

When put to the test,

It al(ll)ways outdoes the rest,

Even though some, maybe even many, may Detest! But Just Look at the World,

Whom shall clearly, also Profess!

Some Loathe,

Because they are not similarly composed. Yo Melanin shows all throughout,

Most, can’t go without!

It is, without a doubt,

Bout! * (that life).

But for real though, Yo Melanin Defines Culture!

It has No need to vulture!

It’s been here since the beginning & will be here in the end; Because of its Divine make up,

Its structure refuses to break up,

Because it is the Essential Pulse,

That keeps us Al(ll)l close!

Melanin is in Plants, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, & all Natural Organisms;

The Grass we walk, the Dirt within it, the Sky & the Universe we see! O! Look around Anywhere,

At how powerful,

Yo Melanin can be.

Yo Melanin is Strong!

Through all the groans

And down to the bones!

Its endured many ups & downs,

And it has Surely, been all around!

Its walls store all the Ancient Info that has been previously obtained by Our Ancestors,

So, dig deep & unleash;

I don’t care what negative theory you learned about 666; But it shol (Sure) ain’t no beast. (666)

Yo Melanin protects you.

The most correct flesh there is.

No wonder, why everyone stays in its Biz(business). *

Yo Melanin absorbs light,

So it’s literally lit!


Yo Melanin really is the shit!*

Light filled & highly skilled,

Yo Melanin always kills! shit!!* (As in exceeds)

Did you know, The Sun & Yo Melanin Communicates Directly, Sending information to it, through its rays,

Which, Re-lays, the power of en-er-jay (Energy), *

I really hope,

Yall are listening

& really hear, what I say! *

That’s right,

Yo Melanin consists of Universal elements of the period table;

Such as Vital Life Matters; like CARBON, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, & Oxygen. It is Beyond Unique & Special,

So please,

With it,

Be Ve(ee)ry Careful!!

Yo Melanin Contains Ancient Knowledge & endless skills. Most of its deep profound info, will give others chills.

It is Holy & deserves appreciation,

Considering, its Ancient Indigenous, Naturalization, Of Life’s existence!

It’s made up of Essential universal content,

Which obviously means,

We’re clearly just meant!

Yo Melanin Grows Real Afro Hair,

That points to the sun,

Stretching Coil-y towards TMH (The Most High),

In which we should all, be one! (One with the Sun)

Yo Melanin, might disturb others, But Yo Melanin is perfect!

Most don’t Deserve, to Observe

it or feel it’s Beautiful aura, They’re just here to Create, Balance for ya.

Yo Melanin is Beautiful;

From your Sun hair, all the way down to yo toe cuticles! Everyone recognizes that it is most desirable & clearly, Earth suitable!

Yo Melanin is Carbon & Powerful!!

It exudes alluring dynamism!!

Whatever kind of Melanin you are carryin’,

Love, Protect & Nourish it, until Ascension,

To create the most Optimal, Momentous, Physical Existence.


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Ma’at CC 𓁧

SelfPublished Author Artist Entrepreneurial Expressionist ♡ ✍🏾📚


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