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What lies between the land and the sky?


All in the merry month of yesteryear.

When crystals lay on the ground for the taking.

I lay in my bed of icy winds.

Focusing my reach for the one I love.

The land of elevation is where I dwell.

Slowly slowly I got up.

Dying for nothing only happens once.

All those nameless faces in the streets.

My face has been turned in the wrong direction.

I kneel for strength.

The more it boiled the more I grieved.

Did you see me burst out crying?

It was beyond real.

Give me passage to pick you up and carry you home.

My knuckles are no more than a pasture.

Stop pounding the merciless pavement and embrace the layer in between.

It grows till it can grow no higher.

A single rose I shall bury never again.

surreal poetry
David Fournier
David Fournier
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David Fournier

I am a writer, poet and performance artist. My whole life I have loved the beauty of words, whether I'm writing them into a narrative or using them to make silly voices. I am poised to publish my first book and kids series.

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