Words That Trigger (Pt. 5)

by Sandy Yvette 9 months ago in slam poetry


Words That Trigger (Pt. 5)

I don't need you guessing

So let me start confessing

Actually, consider this as me professing,

That yes I'm still feeling you

I know you probably had a clue

But I'm letting it be front page news

I don't want to be misunderstood

But this shit really got me confused

Tripping over my own shoes

I thought I really knew, but I guess fake it to make it isn't always meant to be

You see what you mean to me...

I just can't explain

Almost going insane

Forgetting where is my lane

I know shit ain't the same

And I'm not trying to change it

I'm running away from it

But please don't feel bad

That's just the aftermath that I've been handed..

Just kidding, I knew better, almost felt like I planned it.

I thought I was stronger than this

Now I know, emotions are one of the most addictive drugs available to us.

It's okay though baby I just wanted to lust and in the midst I found 1000 emotions violently hitting me as I thrust.

I just wanted mine, even if you aren't mine, because sipping on all these different sodas just wouldn't quench my thirst.

Whatever you do to me it just works.

Then I got to snap myself back to reality before I get hurt.

I can't help but go back to 2015.

Brain fuck you for not being able to forget some things!

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