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Before a Nuclear War

By Patrick M. OhanaPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
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World War Four - If Only I Could

I would have felt it, its might, in my mind,

And a dull colour spectrum to and fro

Would have kept glinting, gleaming, till a blind

Wind would have turned all senses into blow.

I would have waited for it with my heart,

And some anxiety upon my face

Would have greeted its natural apart;

Terrible agony after its trace.

If only I could, I would have done it:

Observed the beauty that shimmers in May

In that pitch-black afternoon, and then meet

It, fissile, growing alone in dismay.

I would have looked at its epicentre,

Together ignoring each dissenter.


Your soul may survive, although for me it is only the body that counts. The soul is only a construct at best, and at worse. Science is so far ahead in comparison with the bad times when the soul was concocted to cover up the horrors of the human condition. You will hear the body count given that all souls are invisible like dark energy; another construct, so far.

Your body may survive if the war is limited in scope, with only a couple of bombs reaching their targets. Many more trees will perish and burn than people and other animals. Their roots will have numerous stories to recount, but we will be too busy texting and talking about the short-lived war. We will have to find scapegoats, but not the Jews this time.

You could start praying if you have not yet, but you will have to choose the right deity. There are too many gods and goddesses, so the choice may be difficult to make. Goddess Athena would be my pick for at least five reasons. You will have to find your own in case you choose Her too. Please remember that prophets and so-called saints are human.

You could do nothing and just wait for the inevitable, whatever it may be. After all, free choice is a long shot with such a bomb. On the other hand, you could buy the house you always dreamed about and watch one of the bombs burn it to the ground. You will laugh with derision, but you will laugh, and you may even take your tongue out for good measure.

You could write something worthwhile — it is subjective, of course — maybe a complex poem; you know, poetry that does not look like a paragraph that was split almost haphazardly along an undefined number of lines and breaks and then subtitled with the word “free” in the mix. You will need too much time to write a novel, so an email could be the ticket out.

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Patrick M. Ohana

A medical writer who reads and writes fiction and some nonfiction, although the latter may appear at times like the former. All my stories (over 2,200 pieces) are/will be available on/via Shakespeare's Shoes.

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