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Words of a wiser ME

by Horacio Quirrin 2 months ago in love poems / inspirational / heartbreak
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Words of a wiser ME
Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

There is a scene

Of a man and a boy

Well known in fact

It symbolizes the wisdom

It is being passed

We watch as the Man

Shows this boy he is a fan

You see the Man begins to spell out

Every major incident

In this young boy’s life

As if he lived it himself

The boy could only listen in awe

For everything he said was true

But who is this man, in shades of blue

He shows the boy a true man’s hue

The Man says: “What is wrong young man

You should be happy; you’re in your youth

The world is open to you.”

The boy responds, “ I know sir but it hurts

I have lost my purpose on this earth

The sun and stars have lost their shine

I have gone color blind

No longer able to see the rainbow

The rain is dry, the summer is cold

Birds no longer sing the sweet melody of spring

Do you understand what I mean.”

The man smiles warmly

Fully understanding the boy

He lovingly states, “ I have seen this before

In the face of a man your age

Not long ago

It is the loss of a girl is it not

I know how you feel, being in this rut

You feel empty, at loss

Wonder if this is worth the cost

But I tell you my boy, don’t give up

Just like the trees that do not bear fruit

They try again in the spring

Planting their roots deeper

Finding that potential

It’s quite essential.”

“But so much has happened sir

She brought life to the flowers

Nectar to the bees, and peace to me

Her eyes shine of bright blue skys

Her heart sang, and I listened,”

The man joins, in tempo

While the young, was lost in limbo

They both smoothly recited

“I listened, I heard

To a melody so sweet but sour

The song of a character

Way beyond ours

She sang with a voice so proud and loud

She sang with a song, such; it sung at the purest choir.”

The boy looks at the man

He is bewildered

“Sir do you know about my one

Desire, desire to be with her.

Desire to hold her

Desire to comfort her

Desire to…”

The man again in unison

“Desire to love her!”

The man humbly proclaims

“ I came to see

That face I mentioned of a lost young man

Who needs help

Being reminded of what is at hand

You are young and strong and bold

Nothing will be able to hold

Your ravenous hunger to become

The man ,I have you see, before you

Remember all is not lost

I felt your pain, but rejoice my boy

Be glad that it happened

Though we lost her, it is a crime

But you have plenty of time

Patience is the enemy of man kind

But its salvation

You see my young man it’s a lesson

To show

That in every great man’s life there is woe.

The boy looks to him, deep in thought

“Wait you mean to say…”

The man is gone

We see the well-known scene

Of a boy becoming a man

Through the years he has learned

There is a greater lesson at hand,

ready to be taught

For what must be fought.

love poemsinspirationalheartbreak

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Horacio Quirrin

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