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All the things I do not know

By Rebecca HansenPublished 3 years ago โ€ข 1 min read
Original Digital, TRH, 2021

All of my least favorite questions have always started,

โ€œWhat is your favorite...?โ€

My favorite color

Is the part of the story when you realize the truth,

And my favorite song is the thousand twinkling tones of a misty forest dawn,

And my favorite book is the next gem I stumble upon unawares,

And my favorite food is anticipation

And my favorite place is the breath between this unknown and that wonder.

Why should I settle for one when the universe extends, boundless, beyond the edge of reason?

My favorite questions have no answers; my favorite colors cannot be seen.

I am my own greatest mystery.

Whose are you?


About the Creator

Rebecca Hansen

Putting words down in writing makes me feel alive. What do I write about? Yes. Also that. I like to think that my randomness is charming.

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