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womb shadow woman

For the ego

By Amourè DeezyyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
suzana dzelatovic

Synchronized hierophant I've been misplaced

Waste no time with those with no taste

Deep within that womb held plenty shadow

No sense in direction just Peadal to the Medal

Permeated lips inseparable thick honeys

Sticky rubberband pops and ultra red money

Steel clips with unloadable ammos

Stagnant picks, Just a limited sad hoe

I could do you worse, but there’s no time to play

There are Unfinished business and debts to be paid

Time ain’t history your presence is imbalanced

Fluttering Tiger Milkweeds Drenched in Molasses

Creased corners sticky bedding still rose-tinTed glasses

Fangs start to pop out when they see valued gifts & talents

I might do you worse , so just shut up and pray

Contentment made realities, oh you gone rue the day

Cobalt crust just above the wooha

Liquid advice drowned in hoorah

Well , are you more than just a pick me?

Living in your fears till damn near fifty

Call your lifeline then , its time to hang up

Cause that Ego maniac eclipse couldn’t shame us

Womb shadow could finally set you free , but

No lookbacks when you are already waist-deep

surreal poetryStream of Consciousnessslam poetry

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Amourè Deezyy

Unorthodox woman creating soul-feeding content for great people who are connecting with themselves.

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    Amourè DeezyyWritten by Amourè Deezyy

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