Within Infinite Winds

"Loved from a Distance, Closely"

Within Infinite Winds

I think my new favorite time

lives inside a post-stormy sky

when the day’s definitely gone

but it’s still not night

not quite

because there’s still this



layer of light

woven into opaque curtains made of fog and fizzled fright

whose breaths seem to swim away rust as orange dew

dripping dizzily with lust down deep into

the atmosphere it’s inevitably exposed to

together seeming both to bleed melancholic dusts

which drift

with wind and water washing down my dreams

prompted by prophesied destinies

is it bright or dull

is it fast or do

the clouds all move still within it


or something

as if traveling on treadmills made of wind and time

mixed with sand picked up from shores passed by

loved from a distance, closely

in some sort of fourth dimensional space or flight

I don’t think it’s Poseidon

who plans to ultimately

wash away all of my home’s house made memories

currently I’m out on the balcony

listening over to my left

the singing of a storm who’s now approaching me

toward the sound a crowd of clouds

is bounding peripherally

to gather round the rising roar

projecting the sky’s anxiety

there have been songs lost to my mind

while I’ve been high neglecting life

but I hope of them the sweetest line

rebuilds slowly for my eyes

so I’ll be sure to preserve my light

and all the love that locks my sight

for which I hope happy songs inside

fight through stressful notes and strife

facing entropy to get to me

I hope there’s more than just infinity

Copyright © 2018, Kira Stevens

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